How to take care of a dog in the summer

The summer, the time of year that I like the most, but I am aware that it can bring some difficulties to some pets. For example to our dog, Extreme weather, that is, very high heat, can generate some difficulties for you, so we must be very careful with the dog that we have at home, I have taken the task of explaining some tips on how to take care of a dog in the summer.

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Heat sensitive dogs

While the older pets they are the ones most at risk, all dogs have problems adapting to very high ambient temperatures. It is not only about ensuring the comfort of our dog, which in itself is an important point, but also about ensuring its health. Staying in cool and airy places, with good shade and fresh water permanently available is very important..

Little exercise

The amount of physical exercise should be reduced, especially in the hottest hours. If we usually take walks with our dog, it is a good idea to do it or in evening or early morning. Exercise makes the temperature loss mechanism even more difficult, which puts them in a very vulnerable situation..

Regardless of the care we have given it, our dog can suffer heat stroke. We will see that it remains totally inactive and with very fast breathing. If the situation progresses, you can lose consciousness, have seizures, and die. If we notice that our dog is inactive and fatigued, we must lower your body temperature.

The importance of shade in the garden is not only key for the rest of the vegetation, but also for your pet. A very simple way to counteract extreme heat is to place it in the shade and wet it first with a spray bottle. In this way it loses heat. If we wet it directly with cold water, the answer may be tremors that increase the temperature even more. We wet him little by little and seek help from the urgent vet if he does not improve..

Summary Article Name How to take care of a dog in the summer Description To our dog, the extreme heat can generate some difficulties so we must be very careful with the dog we have at home. Author Natalia

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