How to care for the hair of an American Akita

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If you have or intend to adopt an American Akita, it is essential that you inquire into the various care it requires. It is a large dog with a large amount of hair, which, although not long, is copious and abundant..

¿Wondering how to care for the hair of an American Akita? In this AnimalWised article we are going to review the coat of this beautiful, faithful and reserved dog..

Read on for all the tips and tricks about How to care for the hair of an American Akita.

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  1. The importance of taking care of your coat
  2. Brushing the American Akita
  3. The American Akita's Bath
  4. Professional products for the American Akita
  5. Natural foods that improve the coat of your American Akita

The importance of taking care of your coat

In general, the American Akitas have inherited wonderful qualities from their close relatives, the Akita Inu: they are dogs brave, somewhat independent but very loyal. Another genetic factor to highlight is the coat they have, short but double-layered, essential to adequately protect themselves from the cold..

As with the personality, we can find dirtier or cleaner American Akitas although globally it is a breed that he likes to take care of his fur spending hours to clean up.

Brushing the American Akita

If we already have an American Akita as our best friend, we know the amount of hair you lose daily. This is due to several reasons, including double fur, adaptation to seasonal changes and personal hygiene among many others..

Although we must pay special attention to spring and autumn (hair shedding season), the truth is that if we want to try to prevent our armchairs from looking like big Akitas we must brush him daily with a rigid barbed utensil (rounded at the tip so as not to hurt him) as it will penetrate his thick fur better.

We will spend time brushing all the parts of your body, in this way, in addition to reducing the fall inside the home, we will reduce the risk of a flea infection, we will eliminate the dirt that you may have and we will make you enjoy a good time.

If you notice that your American Akita loses hair excessively, find out how to prevent my dog ​​from shedding a lot of hair.

The American Akita's Bath

As a personal advice, I recommend you bathe your dogs with warm water for them to enjoy and relax at the time of the bath (unwanted by many pets). Creating a pleasant environment helps improve your perception of the situation.

We also emphasize the importance of doing it every so often, always without abusing it as we can eliminate the skin's natural protection layer. We will bathe our American Akita every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on whether it is very dirty or not..

During the dog's bath, you should use the brush so that the shampoo penetrates the coat. We can use different brands of shampoo and even fabric softener if we think it needs to be treated a little, although the truth is that the difficulty of bathing lies in drying.

A trick for dogs with a bad smell and dull hair is to add apple cider vinegar to the product that we are going to use., ¡try it and be surprised!

Having such a particularly thick coat is impossible to dry the American Akita with a towel and therefore you will need long hours with the dryer to achieve it. Failure to do so can lead to the appearance of fungus. For this reason, many American Akita owners decide to go to professional hairdressers.

Professional products for the American Akita

If you are one of those who enjoy taking care of the appearance of your pet and have no qualms about dedicating time and effort, we are going to propose some ideal products for you:

To start, and taking into account the type of coat of the American Akita, we recommend a foam shampoo or mousse for a dry cleaning, in this way you will not suffer in cold seasons when you decide to bathe him.

Another adorable feature of the American Akita is their furry and warm coat, you can reinforce this look with a hair volume pack (This type of format usually includes shampoo, conditioner and revitalizing spray and you can find it online without problem).

Finally and to finish with the professional products that you can use for your American Akita we include the fragrance, perfect to soak up your woolly mantle. Discover in Animal Expert how to make a homemade and harmless perfume for your dog.

Natural foods that improve the coat of your American Akita

¿Did you know that there are indeed natural foods that can significantly improve the appearance of the coat of your american akita?

On a weekly basis we can offer our dog a homemade diet, in it we can include:

  • Rice
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Olive oil
  • Carrot

Rice is an excellent base that we must always put before those derived from wheat, we include chicken as a protein source and carrots for flavor. The ones that are really shine enhancers are eggs and natural olive oil, Offer them in moderation once a week and you will soon notice the results. In addition, they are natural products that will not harm you..

Discover more homemade recipes in our barf diet example or in the cookie recipe for dogs. ¡Surprise your pet with delicious food prepared by you!

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