How to help stray cats?

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In this AnimalWised article we are going to deal with an extremely important issue, such as homeless animals. In this case, we will explain how to help stray cats. Around us it is very likely that we detect the presence of cats that may have been born in the street or are in it as a result of abandonment. Some live alone, while others form colonies in which female cats and the youngest kittens live together..

If you are as concerned about this issue as we do, then we review what we can do to help them., what to feed stray cats and how to protect them from inclement weather.

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  1. How do stray cats survive?
  2. What do stray cats eat?
  3. What to feed stray cats?
  4. Houses for stray cats
  5. What else can we do to help stray cats?
  6. How to legalize a colony of stray cats?

How do stray cats survive?

At this point, we should basically differentiate between two realities. First of all, in the more rural areas it is possible to find cats that live freely. They may or may not have a caretaker, but in general they live their lives in a similar way to their wild relatives. They mark their territory, interact or not with congeners and other animals, climb, jump and capture small prey such as birds and rodents.

But not all stray cats enjoy a favorable environment. Most are forced to survive in urban environments, racing with vehicles, asphalt and few opportunities to eat. These cats have a shorter life expectancy. They are exposed to inclement weather, parasites, all kinds of diseases and, above all, to the action of human beings. All cats with access to the outside, unfortunately, are at risk of being run over, shot or mistreated. Hence the importance of us knowing how to help stray cats.

What do stray cats eat?

Stray cats in a rural setting go hunting any prey they have access to, like small birds, mice, and even lizards and lizards. In addition, they will include in their diet any food for human consumption to which they have access, such as the leftovers that are in the containers or that some people leave at their disposal..

In the city, rummage in the trash It is the main form of feeding for these cats, since access to potential prey is usually more limited. Of course, they also consume what some people offer them. There are many people who do not know how to help stray cats in any way other than putting food on the street.

What to feed stray cats?

If we discover the presence of unowned cats around us, feeding them is usually the first option that comes up when we ask ourselves how we can help stray cats. As soon as we look at the areas of presence of these cats, we can find different types of food. Some people choose to cook and feed them meat, fish, rice, etc. Others simply leave their own scraps. There are also those that distribute cans of wet food or feed. Of all the available options, the best is the feed, since, as long as it does not get wet, it is the only food that is preserved intact on the street. The rest, unless we carry small quantities that are consumed at the moment, leaves remains that spoil, get dirty and attract insects and other animals little loved by the population..

Houses for stray cats

In addition to putting food on them, it is very important that it is protected to prevent it from getting wet and spoiling. Hence the convenience of having a sheltered place, where the cat can also be sheltered. For this, we can do homemade booths with wooden or plastic boxes, but we must always make sure to leave them in a discreet place, which does not cause inconvenience to the neighbors or attract the attention of vandals. We can also ask in our town hall if they develop a campaign of refuge and attention to stray cats to which we can adhere.

In this other article we explain step by step how to make a house for stray cats. And if you keep wondering what to do to improve the situation of these animals, you should know that there are more options than food and the house.

What else can we do to help stray cats?

Ideally, all cats have a caregiver who takes care of all their needs. As much as people talk about the independence of this species, the truth is that, at present, they are domestic animals that, therefore, depend on the attention of human beings. The problem of feline overpopulation means that there are many more cats than people willing to adopt them. Thus, it is not possible to relocate all the cats that we find in the street, but it is important that we know how to help stray cats.

The first thing we can do is spread to the cat or cats in question in case a home arises that allows them to be removed from the street. Meanwhile, in addition to providing food and shelter, we can initiate veterinary interventions like deworming, always following the advice of this professional. Another basic measure is spaying or neutering. In this way, we not only avoid the incessant birth of litters, but we also prevent diseases that are transmitted during copulation or territorial fights, as serious as feline immunodeficiency. Some municipalities carry out campaigns for the sterilization and control of cat colonies that are worth finding out about. With these measures we get stray cats to be in better condition. Observing them daily and having them trust us also allows us to treat minor health conditions, of course, always following the veterinarian's recommendations.

In the case of cats with serious health problems, even if they belong to a controlled colony, they must be collected. Getting them off the street is probably your only chance to survive. If you can't take over, contact an animal protection association.

If you want to adopt a stray cat, in this article you will find all our tips: "Tips for adopting a stray cat ".

¿How to deworm stray cats?

Especially in those areas where there are controlled cat colonies, the city council will provide the necessary products to deworm cats, in the same way that it will initiate the corresponding sterilization campaign. If there is no controlled colony, you can deworm stray cats by antiparasitic collars or tablets that you can mix with the food you leave. Of course, in the latter case you must make sure that each cat takes his tablet.

Animal associations can also help you deworm street cats.

¿How to catch stray cats?

To attract stray cats in order to sterilize, deworm or adopt them, it is necessary to know that most of them distrust people and are aggressive in any attempt to capture them. Therefore, it is best to use a cage specifically designed for catching cats without doing them any harm. Once the cage is obtained, you must place it in a strategic place, with the door open and food inside, and wait.

Once the cat is captured, you must act quickly to prevent the animal from becoming more stressed than necessary. Also, keep in mind that you should not spend hours in there.

How to legalize a colony of stray cats?

As specified in the animal protection law of each of the autonomous communities, the municipalities are obliged to manage the colonies of stray cats in an ethical manner and in accordance with animal welfare, as long as the environmental conditions allow it. In this way, they must sterilize each of the members of the colony and identify them to have them controlled..

However, ¿how to legalize a colony of cats that is not yet being controlled? Is precise present a letter to the town hall with the application and, if possible, a registry of the cats belonging to the colony. Right there, they will tell you how to proceed and what documentation is necessary to legalize the colony. Likewise, if you want to take over the colony, it is likely that they will ask you for the feline colony feeder card.

In the following video we talk in more detail about the feline colonies.

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