How to feed a tarantula

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Tarantulas are the largest animals of the Licósidos, their name derives from the Italian city of Taranto, a place where these animals are very abundant. They are famous for their large size and especially for their prominent fangs..

They are insectivorous animals which indicates that their diet is based on eating insects. If you have a tarantula as a pet, you will not be able to go to a pet store and ask for some kind of concentrate to feed it, you will have to ask for insects to do it.

In this AnimalWised article we explain everything about the tarantula feeding, an extremely fascinating animal that many people choose as a pet. Do not stop reading the information that we present below.

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  1. What do tarantulas eat?
  2. How to feed them?
  3. Where do i get the food?
  4. Some final considerations

What do tarantulas eat?

As we mentioned earlier, tarantulas are animals that they feed on insects, so the food will be relatively cheap. At the time of feeding, you must consider the size of the prey, this insect must be at most 1/4 the size of your tarantula.

Among the insects that are in the tarantula diet are crickets, cockroaches, locusts, grasshoppers, worms, among others, however crickets are the preferred food. Something fundamental but no less important is to emphasize that we should not offer it as food animals that can harm your tarantula such as bees and wasps.

If you put the food in and you see that it does not devour it, remove it from the terrarium and wait a day to repeat the process, it may reject it again so you will have to wait longer to feed it. It may be that she is moving or she simply does not have an appetite.

Remember that tarantulas eat once a week and can even fast, it is also important to keep in mind that insects have to be alive for your pet to eat them..

Very important: do not forget to put water so that the tarantula can drink, this can be done using a 1 inch high plastic bowl if it is an adult arachnid or depending on the size of your pet.

How to feed them?

The moment you go to feed your tarantula, the first thing you should do is locate it. If you see that the tarantula has climbed into the terrarium and is very close to the lid, you should gently push it with any instrument that works for you and that does not harm it..

Using tweezers, take one of the prey with which you will feed your spider and quickly place it in the terrarium. If your food source is crickets, an adult tarantula consumes between two and six crickets a week.

If the tarantula does not consume everything, remove the prey and debris if possible. With worms, for example, you have to be careful as they can burrow and later attack the tarantula in its molting season. It is also good to remove the remains so that the terrarium is kept as clean as possible.

The best time to feed a tarantula is overnight, don't ever handle it when it is feeding. Also, do not forget to close the lid when you do the whole process, since it can escape when you least expect it..

Where do i get the food?

At the time of providing a food source for your tarantula you have two options, the first and the simplest is to acquire the insects in the different pet stores, where you can find crickets and tenebrios for example. This option has the economic drawback, since you will always be spending to buy your pet's food.

The second option is to create your own food source, you can choose, for example, to start a colony of crickets or cockroaches To feed your tarantula, in this case you will have the advantage of having fresh food always on hand and you will reduce costs. Even if you have friends who have pet tarantulas, you can sell them these insects.

You should never feed him crickets or any insects that you find in your house or on the street, in urban areas, since these can have different insecticides or chemicals, which can be lethal for your pet. You can look for insects but in places far from the city and farm fields.

Some final considerations

  • Don't worry too much if your tarantula won't eat, a healthy tarantula can go a long time without eating..
  • Always check your tarantula's opistosome, which has to be round and chubby, doesn't have to be squashed.
  • The opistosome is the one that indicates if your tarantula is healthy or not, but it does not have to be very fat either, remember that they are animals that eat just to survive.
  • If you feed your tarantula spooks, make sure they eat them. These can be buried and come out later, to become the predators of your pet.
  • Remember that tarantulas cannot be treated like cats or dogs, you should handle them only if necessary since you can stress them.

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