How to scare away mice?

Scaring away mice from the home is not an easy task. These small rodents can become a real problem if they invade your home, as they can act as vectors of certain diseases and parasites, which is why it is important to keep them away from children and pets.

In this AnimalWised article we will explain how to drive away mice, showing you 10 very simple home remedies, easy to apply and that do not involve death of individuals. ¿Surprised? ¡Keep reading!

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  1. How to drive away mice with home remedies?
  2. How to chase mice off the ceiling?
  3. How to make a mousetrap?
  4. Home cleaning

How to drive away mice with home remedies?

Driving away mice from the house may seem like a daunting task, but what is required is to apply the precise methods, be constant for several days and extreme hygiene measures.

If you want to know how to eliminate mice with home remedies and without the need to hurt or kill them, then pay attention to the following methods:


¿Do you want to know how to drive away mice with mint? This is a very popular home remedy, as the strong, fresh smell of peppermint is unpleasant for mice. There are several ways to use it:

  • Interiors: Soak several cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in the spaces of the house where you have seen mice, especially in the cracks or crevices of the home where they usually access. You can also grind fresh mint leaves and spread them or place them in muslin bags to place them in these spaces that we explain to you.
  • Exteriors: If you have observed the presence of mice in your garden, it is best to plant several mint plants, that way you will keep the mice away.

One option that you can use both indoors and outdoors is to prepare a mint infusion. Put a cup (250 grams) of fresh mint leaves in water for an hour. Then drain the leaves and keep only the scented liquid. Fill a spray container with it and use it to clean and spray all spaces of your house and even the surroundings of the garden.


¿And how to drive away mice with cinnamon? This method to eliminate mice is very simple, you just have to buy several natural cinnamon sticks, place them in a muslin bag and place them in the places where the mice enter. Remember that these methods lose the potency of the aroma after 3 or 4 days of use, so you will have to replace the branches with new ones from time to time.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is also very effective. It is the perfect option if you wonder how to kill mice using natural remedies, because due to its strong and slightly spicy aroma, this spice scares them away easily if it is correctly located. The method is the same as with cinnamon, fill muslin sacks with ground cayenne pepper and place them in the problem spots..

Aromatic plants

This method will help you keep the mice away from your garden, preventing them from entering your house through it. Some plants have strong odors that are annoying for mice, so we are talking about an easy and ecological home remedy, which will also help you enrich your garden with vegetation. Plant plants of basil, wormwood, rosemary, or camphor. In addition to being very effective, they will offer you a good aroma and you can even use them in your culinary recipes...


Garlic can be used as a method to kill mice naturally. It can be applied in two ways: the first, peel and cut several teeth and place them in the places that frequent the times and at the entrances to your home. The second is a bit more elaborate. Consists in marinate several garlic cloves in water or peppermint oil for several hours, then impregnate and clean all surfaces in the home.


¿How to eliminate mice in a simple way? Onion is an option, as it is an ingredient that is always present in the kitchen. You just have to cut several onions and place the slices in the entry sites of the mice, the sour smell will deter them when they try to access the home.

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How to chase mice off the ceiling?

¿Do you often hear little footsteps or noises on your ceiling? It is quite possible that a mouse, or a family of rodents, has settled there. If you are interested in knowing how to kill the mice that live on the roof, there are simple and friendly methods to achieve it:

Ultrasound devices

¿How to scare mice? Ultrasound machines are an effective, fast and painless way to scare these animals away. These devices emit a very low-frequency sound that it is annoying for mice and some insects, so it will discourage them from settling on your ceiling.

Seal the cracks

Mice generally do not live on the outside of the roof, but in the ceiling, so you need to seal the entrances. First, let the mice go of the house with the natural remedies that we have mentioned in the previous sections, then it is time to seal the cracks.

Locate fissures, cracks, and crevices and seal on the inside (inside the house) with building caulk, plaster, or cement. On the outside (in case the crack faces the roof) seal with steel wool. In the cases that are required, hire a professional to fix the cracks in the after scaring the mice.

How to make a mousetrap?

¿You wonder how to catch mice to scare them out of your house and free them? While it may seem like a complicated task, in reality it is not. You just need a little ingenuity, some materials that you will easily find at home and a little patience..

¿Do you want to know how to eliminate mice? Then follow these tips:

Trap 1

Making a mousetrap is easy if you have a unoccupied aquarium at home. Simply place the aquarium in a space where you have seen the mice and put some food inside. If the tank is very tall, put something nearby that will help the mouse enter the tank, such as a stack of magazines or bricks. You just have to place the battery on the outside of the aquarium, the idea is that the mouse can enter, but not exit.

Wait patiently, and when the mice are inside, they may very well have no way to climb out of the aquarium. Close it and free the mice out of your house.

Trap 2

If you have a kitchen counter, this trap may work for you. Locate a table that protrudes from the counter and, on the end, place some fresh food. Just below the tip that holds the bait, place a clean, wide fresh, such as elongated trash.

The idea is that, when the mouse climbs the countertop, it approaches the bait and falls into the container, where you will find it the next day. Afterwards, you must release it away from your home.

¿What do I do with the mouse?

Once you've trapped unwanted guests, it's time to find out how to kill mice, looking for a place to set them free. Remember that you must seal the container where you have trapped the mouse, but leaving some holes for it to breathe. Handle the container with gloves for added safety.

It is of no use if you release the mouse right next to your house, as it will find its way back in no time. Release it in a wooded or country area, away from urban centers, and inform yourself in advance to ensure that it will not negatively affect the animals that reside there.

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Home cleaning

Now you know how to drive away mice from the house naturally, effectively and without harming them. However, after scaring the mice away, you will need extreme cleaning measures of your home to avoid being attracted to access again. It is very important that you do a good cleaning of the home.

We offer you the following tips:

  1. Dispose of boxes, empty containers, old clothes that you do not use and any objects that are stored in unused spaces, clutter contributes to create warm hiding places for mice. If you need to store things (like next season clothes or Christmas decorations), go for plastic containers before using cardboard boxes.
  2. Store all food that is in use in airtight containers.
  3. Deep cleans throughout the house, paying special attention to removing dirt from behind furniture and appliances, especially in the kitchen, as food crumbs accumulate in these spaces that can be attractive to mice.
  4. Don't leave food outside, not even fruit.
  5. Clean kitchen surfaces when you stop using them.
  6. Mix two parts of water with one part of bleach or chlorine and sprinkle the mixture on the mouse feces, then mop it up and clean the floors. Never sweep up the stool, as they release substances that cause diseases. When removing stool, spray again with the bleach mixture to disinfect.

Perform several cleanings and even consider hiring a professional team to get rid of all the dirt and achieve once and for all chase away mice from your home.

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