How to scare away birds?

Within biodiversity, birds are a group of animals that are closely related to human beings, since thanks to their ability to move, they are very easily and frequently located in the urban areas. These animals can be pleasant with their presence due to their varied colors and the songs that they usually emit. However, they can cause certain problems, such as damaging some crops by eating the plants or defecating in homes or cars. But beyond this unpleasant fact, in some cases they can be vectors of certain types of diseases.

If you are having a situation such as those described by the presence of birds in a particular area, keep reading this AnimalWised article, in which we will answer the question of how to scare away birds.

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  1. How to scare away birds from the garden?
  2. How to scare birds from the window?
  3. How to chase away birds from the ceiling?
  4. Other ways to scare away birds

How to scare away birds from the garden?

Birds can do some damage to garden plants, depending on whether they feed on seeds, leaves or fruits. There are some birds that feed on insects, which is why they can be quite effective biological controllers in our gardens and would be an aspect to take into account when controlling birds. Still, if we don't want the birds to settle in our garden, we can try the following:

  • Put branches on the planting: when we have just sown the seeds and they have begun to germinate, they become an attractive food for some birds, so branches can be arranged over the sowing, so that the birds cannot reach the food and end up going to another space.
  • Install meshes: if the area of ​​the garden is not so extensive, we can install meshes that cover the site that we want to protect, in this way the access of birds to the plantation is prevented.
  • Hang scraps of fabricsAnother low-cost option that can be helpful is to bury stakes at each end of the garden and at points in between. Then, join them with resistant threads such as nylon and hang pieces of fabric of a certain length so that, when they move due to the action of the wind, they scare away the birds..

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How to scare birds from the window?

Many birds decide to perch on our windows, either to shelter from the rain or to build their nests, lay and conceal their eggs, depending on the window conditions..

Therefore, the best way to keep birds away from the window is by placing Physical barriers that prevent them from being installed, such as protective nets or mosquito nets.

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How to chase away birds from the ceiling?

One method of removing birds that can be somewhat costly but effective and does not cause harm to birds or the environment is use of laser pointers, which has a high precision optical system, with filters and light frequencies, and effectively scare away these birds, since these perceive the beam of light as dangerous. These devices can scare these animals from large areas, making it ideal for ceilings.

When the birds have settled in a particular area, it is not so easy to scare them away, so it is advisable to be attentive to their presence and, once detected, apply this or some of the measures that we will explain below to prevent them from establishing their nests and it is more difficult to scare them away. Another aspect that must be taken into account in the case of housing is do not leave food in areas where birds have access, as it can attract them.

In addition, when birds have deposited their feces in areas of our home, it is important to make a proper cleaning, using chlorine and soap to wash the area, and it is also convenient to protect yourself with gloves and masks, avoiding any contact with fecal matter, as this could be a source of transmission of certain parasites.

Other ways to scare away birds

In addition to the above, we can scare birds away in the following ways:

Homemade bird repellent

A homemade bird repellent can be done as follows:

  1. Put in a blender or food processor at least some 40 hot peppers or chili peppers.
  2. Afterwards, pour them into a bottle and add water, without filling it completely.
  3. Cap the bottle and shake vigorously to distribute the mixture properly.
  4. Later, take the bottle to a sunny place and keep it there for 7 days.
  5. After this time, add half a cup of White vinegar and shake vigorously again.

Transfer the preparation to a spray container and spread it in the areas where the birds usually perch. Keep in mind that it is a repellent that it will lose its action due to environmental agents, such as rain, sun and wind, so it is advisable to repeat the applications once a week.

Store the container in a dark place to maintain its effectiveness for longer..

Visual repellants for birds

Visual repellants to repel birds consist of the installation of various objects that simulate risk situations for these animals. Such is the case of silhouettes of predatory or raptor birds. By placing several of these images strategically, you can prevent birds from settling in the area. Of course, two very important aspects must be considered to achieve the effectiveness of this method: first, modify the position of the silhouettes from time to time so that the birds do not get used to them and end up ignoring them, which would lead to consequence that they land again in the place; second, that they are not static, but rather can move by action of the wind, thus giving it a more real effect. Some examples of bird silhouettes that can scare birds away are owls, hawks or eagles.

Studies to scare birds away from strategic sites, such as airports, have revealed that a great variety of these animals avoid perching in places where white background panels with concentric black circles that simulate eyes are installed. In this way, placing several of these panels can also be useful, the important thing will always be a correct and strategic location, therefore it is necessary to make an evaluation to know the best installation places.

Another technique that has shown utility is use of CD, which are hung in various places where birds usually perch. These devices when moving reflect the light and repel these birds, so they move to another place.

Sounds to scare away birds

The use of certain types of sounds can be useful to scare away birds that may be causing certain inconveniences. There are three types of sounds that can be used to scare these birds away:

  • Predator sounds: they consist of recordings of carnivorous birds that include other types of birds in their diet, such as eagles or hawks.
  • Alert calls: they refer to sounds emitted by individuals of the same species, which warn of some risk situation.
  • Stress calls: these types of sounds are emitted by birds that are in a dangerous situation to alert others.

Something important to keep in mind when purchasing these recordings is that they are optimal quality, so that they must be heard faithful to the original sounds to be effective, as well as the use of speakers or players that do not distort the sounds.

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