How to accustom a dog to the dryer?

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¿Is your dog afraid of the dryer? Although this small appliance may seem totally harmless to us, your dog may feel stressed and even scared when coming into contact with such a noisy foreign element, especially if it has not been properly presented. Also, if you have adopted an adult dog, it may be that your new companion has had a bad experience with a blow dryer (or loud noises) in his past and is now showing it with fear and anxiety.

Without a doubt it is important to understand that fear is part of the natural defense mechanism of dogs. This emotion lets be alert in the face of possible dangers in their environment and prevents them from exposing themselves to unnecessary risks, thus favoring their survival. In addition, we must remember that our dogs have highly developed hearing and many household appliances (such as dryers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.) have a somewhat noisy operation. Therefore, it is natural that they feel somewhat uncomfortable and want to avoid exposing themselves to these unknown, loud and annoying noises..

Therefore, a certain dose of fear is totally natural and healthy for our furry ones. However, if your dog is very fearful or skittish, it is essential to consult your trusted veterinarian to verify his health. Also, in this AnimalWised article, we show you how to accustom a dog to the dryer to help you overcome your fears of this harmless device.

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  1. Why is my dog ​​afraid of the hair dryer?
  2. Step by step to accustom a dog to the dryer
  3. What to do if my dog ​​is still afraid of the dryer?

Why is my dog ​​afraid of the hair dryer?

The presence of a unknown and noisy element At home, it can generate a certain distrust in our dogs, it is something totally natural, since all animals (even humans) have a survival instinct that makes us flee or hide from something unknown that may represent an imminent danger.

Just like us, dogs must feel comfortable, safe and loved in an environment to call home. If we impose the presence of the hairdryer, without prior presentations, after a moment of generalized stress (as is usually the case in the bathroom) it is obvious that we will be favoring the appearance of stress and anxiety, with consequent appearance of fears and, in the most extreme cases, phobias. In addition, his reaction can be dangerous both for him and for other members of the environment.

Therefore, if you want to accustom your dog to the dryer, you should start by doing a good presentation, paying attention to their body language and always respecting their adaptation times, while guaranteeing a positive and safe environment.

Step by step to accustom a dog to the dryer

The objective of this process is "present " positively the dryer to your dog, causing him to associate it in a positive way and as a harmless object, in a context of tranquility. It can also be useful for those who present mild or moderate fear, because the objective will be the same: that they associate through positive reinforcement that the hairdryer is a positive element that brings with it certain rewards.

Take note of the following Step by Step:

  1. To begin with, we advise leaving the dryer unplugged within reach of your dog in a quiet environment of the home, where he feels safe and comfortable to experience this first contact. At this time, you should not make sudden movements with the dryer (especially with its cable), as your furry can associate it in a negative way and get scared. You should put it down and let it explore through smell. Little by little, you will perceive how the curiosity inherent in your dog's character will make him want to discover and explore this new element in his territory. You should encourage your dog to sniff it and get closer to it, using kind words, caresses and even sweets, that you can leave near the dryer.
  2. Once your dog is completely calm in front of the dryer and takes the treats without any fear, it will be time to start the second step. We are going to "accustom" the dog to the noise of the dryer. At this stage, the main objective is to get your dog to observe how you use the dryer safely and calmly, without fear or stress. It is a key aspect that your dog perceives your safety when using the dryer, therefore, you must pay close attention to your body language to convey serenity. You will start to use it smoothly (always in the minimum power of the appliance) in your hair and on your skin for about 2-3 minutes. When finished, leave it unplugged again within reach of your dog. Ideally, repeat this process several times a day, progressively increasing the time you use the dryer and always using rewards, either by way of food or verbal reinforcement.
  3. By observing that your furry is already calm when you use the dryer and does not show fear due to its noise, you can move on to the third and more delicate step to accustom a dog to the dryer. It consists of getting your furry to allow and get used to using the dryer in his own body. To begin, you must ensure that this experience occurs in a calm and positive environment, in which your best friend is totally relaxed. If you want, you can put on some relaxing music for dogs and gently reduce the brightness of the environment. To start, use the dryer on your own body as normal, to convey confidence to your furry. When your dog is used to noise, you can begin to provide soft, short jets of warm air on his back, while offering caresses in your favorite areas and you talk or sing to him normally. Do not make sudden movements or out of his visual field, and pay attention to the speed and temperature of the air, so as not to scare him or burn him. You should also take into account their body language, to know when they feel uncomfortable.

Always remember the importance of recognizing good behavior and the bravery of your furry by offering him a prize, a treat, playing a good time with him or inviting him to enjoy a good walk in the open air. Little by little, you will see that your dog will create a positive image of the dryer and will associate the drying sections as moments of relaxation and affection, in which he can enjoy your company.

It is always essential to remember that each furry has its own adaptation time, and it is essential to respect it. We must never force our dogs to live an experience against their will, since this is not only dangerous, but also counterproductive in their learning process and cognitive development. Invest in positive reinforcement to stimulate their cognitive, emotional and social abilities, in addition to reinforcing your bond with your best friend.

What to do if my dog ​​is still afraid of the dryer?

If after performing the step by step to accustom your dog to the dryer you notice that your dog is not comfortable or continues to show signs of fear and anxiety, ideally consult with an educator or ethologist canine. These professionals, as long as they are specialized in behavior modification, will be able to establish specific guidelines according to the specific needs of your dog, to help him overcome his fears and have a better quality of life.

In addition, as we already mentioned in the introduction, it is essential to consult your trusted veterinarian if you observe any change in the behavior or appearance of your dog. If your dog is very fearful, scared or restless, do not hesitate to go to the veterinary clinic to ensure their good health and rule out possible pathological causes that may be causing the appearance of fear.

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