How to get a puppy used to being left alone?

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The time has come to leave our puppy alone at home and you will wonder how long he can stay without us, how and when a puppy can be taught to stay alone. Of course, the young puppy wants us to always stay with him, but the circumstances of our life ask him to stay alone from time to time, therefore, it is best that he learns to be well and calm so that he does not suffer.

In this article on how to get a puppy used to being left alone from AnimalWised, you will discover how to teach your furry to stay alone without suffering from separation anxiety.

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  1. How long can a puppy be left home alone?
  2. How to leave a puppy alone without crying?
  3. Tips for leaving a puppy home alone

How long can a puppy be left home alone?

Dogs are gregarious animals, which means that they are always with their family, which is what makes them feel safe and happy. But it is logical that sometimes we have to leave our friend alone at home, either because we have to go to work or do the shopping. The time we can leave a dog alone at home depends on your age and education. Young dogs from 5 months of age can be trained little by little to spend some time alone.

Similarly, adult dogs should not be alone for more than 4 hours. Beyond this time, dogs suffer and feel abandoned. The cubs, in turn, they need a lot of attention and care And they still can't be alone that long, so it is recommended that you ask someone to take care of it when you have to be away for a long time. A puppy up to 4 months of age should not have to be alone for more than 2 hours in total.

How to leave a puppy alone without crying?

The age of the puppy is considered particularly important because the subsequent behavior of the dog largely depends on what it has learned and experienced during this phase of its life. Dogs are considered puppies up to 4 and a half months, approximately.

When the puppy moves in with us, usually never been alone, because at least his brothers kept him company throughout the day for the first weeks of his life. Therefore, it is understandable that it is difficult for you to stay alone at first. To get a puppy used to being left alone, the most important thing is have patience with our little friend.

After arriving at the new home, the puppy will need time to get used to the surroundings, the people, the routine, and potential older companions. If we leave him alone directly, the little one could get stressed and panic. First of all, we want gain trust and bond with him. That is an important prerequisite for you to be relaxed and able to be left alone. When the dog has settled down after a few days, short exercises can be started during everyday life..

¿How to leave a 2 month old puppy alone?

During the first months, a puppy so young should not be left alone. It would be best if a family member always stays with the little one for the next 5-7 weeks after their arrival in the new home. During this season, the cub feel insecure and he needs to get used to his new family.

To get your puppy used to being more independent, start with gentle exercises. When he's busy, for example, with a toy, leave the room every now and then for a minute, but no more, so he doesn't miss you just yet. Thus, learn that you will return after you leave and that it is completely normal to be alone for a while.

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¿How to leave a 3 month old puppy alone?

Over time and after having gotten used to the puppy that being alone for a minute in another room is normal and that nothing happens, you can slightly increase the difficulty level. Now leave the room even if the puppy is not distracted. First stay only two minutes outside and go back into the room. The most important thing is that you do it in a relaxed and everyday way, because it is something totally normal. If the puppy cries while you are away, ignore him and reduce the time he is away next time, but praise him when he has remained calm, a method known as positive reinforcement in dogs..

If the puppy manages to be alone for several minutes in a room, you can start leaving the apartment or house for a few minutes. You should not leave a sleeping puppy alone. Also, it is better than don't say goodbye to him, but to see it as something normal and frequent. At first, just go out for a few minutes, go throw the garbage or check the mailbox. If you show calm, your dog notices it and will not get nervous either.

When the puppy masters these frequent and brief absences without problems, the duration can be increased and with different durations. From time to time, come back after ten minutes, then after five, fifteen another time, etc. This will get you used to flexible schedules and that your return is unpredictable.

Tips for leaving a puppy home alone

Some puppies are afraid of abandonment, so we must make the puppy trust us, feel happy and balanced. All of this will help us teach you to be alone without feeling separation anxiety:

  • Have a routine: Take the puppy out every day and also on the weekend at the same time before you go to work. Try to get him to exercise, both physically and mentally, to tire himself out. A puppy needs a minimum 30 minute exercise walk. This way you will relax when you get home and rest during the time you are alone..
  • Lunch timeKeep in mind that the puppy must eat before you leave, but they often vomit the food from the stress of being alone. Therefore, plan enough time before you leave so that the dog can eat quietly and then relax..
  • Prepare a quiet place for him: Leave toys for puppies, his bed, food and water at his disposal. It has to be a safe place or room, where you cannot destroy cushions or furniture. But do not lock him in a small room or tie him because that way he could feel trapped and he will associate this bad feeling with being alone.
  • Beware of choking: do not leave sweets or toys with which he could choke. You should always be able to watch your puppy when he is eating bones and treats. Dogs often begin to destroy unsuitable toys and eat them in pieces.
  • Background soundSome dogs react well to relaxing piano music, radio or television noise. Try to calm him down by leaving the television on with the sound low so that he feels accompanied.
  • Ask for helpIf you have to leave your puppy alone for more than two hours, ask your neighbor or a friend to come see him and even take him for a walk. Puppies still can't last that long without peeing.

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