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Wet cat food is a very good option to keep our feline well nourished, regardless of its life stage. In this AnimalWised article, we're going to go over the best brands of canned cat food. In addition, we are going to propose several recipes to make your own at home. wet cat food. You can offer it as a treat, but if you want to always feed your cat food made by you, consult a feline nutrition expert first to make sure the menu is balanced.

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  1. Is wet food good for cats?
  2. The best brands of wet cat food
  3. Homemade recipes for cats

Is wet food good for cats?

In the wild, cats mainly feed on small prey, such as birds, rodents, and even lizards. These provide all the proteins they need and, in addition, provide them with a very high percentage of water, approximately 70%. When we cover their nutritional needs with feed at home, we are offering them a dry food that, although it is of high quality, does not exceed 8% humidity, due to its way of preparation. The cat is supposed to drink water to fill in the fluids it lacks, but the truth is that, accustomed to drinking little due to the high humidity of its prey, we can find that its hydration is deficient.

Therefore, to avoid urinary and kidney problems that may arise from this situation, at least one mixed feeding. That is, mixing feed and wet feed, better daily. Wet food contributes approximately one 80% liquid. In addition, contrary to what is believed, it contains fewer calories than I think. That is why it is recommended for diets of overweight or obese cats. They like wet food, being very palatable, it hydrates and fills them. To make the choice easier, below, we review the best brands of wet food for cats.

The best brands of wet cat food

To choose a good wet food for our cat we have to look at some basic aspects. First of all, since the cat is a carnivorous animal, the main ingredient has to be the animal protein, which can come from meat or fish. It has to be the first ingredient on the list and it should be indicated that it is meat and not by-products. Be careful, some parts, such as organ meats, are considered by-products for human consumption, but they are perfectly suitable for animal consumption.

Cats also need fats, such as those provided by essential fatty acids. In addition, small amounts of vitamins and minerals. As for carbohydrates, they can be added, but they are not essential for this species. It is better if antioxidants or preservatives are natural. Finally, it is essential that we make sure that the manufacturer specifies that it is a complete and non-complementary food. We highlight the following brands, which do not contain cereals:

  • Wild freedom: the cans of this brand contain 98% meat, organ meats and broth. They have varieties with chicken, chickadee, lamb, rabbit, venison and beef. They do not add preservatives or artificial colors.
  • Feringa: the Pure Meat Menu variety is prepared with a minimum of 95% fresh meat, which is also suitable for human consumption. It also includes organ meats. Each variety contains only one type of meat, so they are suitable for cats with allergy problems or food intolerances. There are chicken, rabbit, lamb, salmon, duck and beef. No preservatives, colorants or flavor enhancers.
  • GranataPet DeliCatessen- Your recipes are steamed to maintain nutrients. There are varieties of duck, chicken, beef, rabbit, lamb, turkey, salmon, and seafood. The meat and organ meats reach 72% and almost 25% of their broth is added. No colorings or flavorings.
  • Rosie 's Farm: contains meat and offal, which account for up to 70% of the total, in addition to its broth. There are varieties with chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, salmon, and shrimp. No additives or flavor enhancers.

However, some people doubt whether cat cans are good. Therefore, in this other article we resolve that question: ¿Are cans of cat food good??

Homemade recipes for cats

Homemade food can be a good option to feed our cat. We can offer you an occasional dish, as a reward or celebration for a special event, or decide to prepare food more often, even daily, combined with feed or as the only option. In the latter case, we have to inform ourselves well and contact a feline nutrition professional to make sure that the menu we prepare is the most appropriate for the characteristics of our cat. In this way, we avoid falling into an unbalanced diet that causes nutritional deficiencies and, consequently, health problems. These are some recipes that you can prepare at home for your cat:

  • Homemade recipe with meat: 100 grams of grilled chicken or rabbit, 35 grams of their organ meats, such as heart and liver, also grilled, 5 grams of cooked egg yolk and 10 grams of roasted or boiled pumpkin. You just have to mix and serve warm. We can dress with a few drops of fish oil.
  • Homemade dessert recipe: A coconut and strawberry ice cream is a good idea to refresh a cat. You only need a coconut yogurt, half its weight in coconut oil and about 20 grams of washed strawberries. Put all the ingredients in a blender. Fill an ice bucket with the resulting mixture and store it in the freezer. Once frozen, it is served cube by cube.

Other homemade recipes for cats

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Next, we leave you a video with a recipe for wet chicken cat food.

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