Bison attack a grandmother who wanted to take a picture with them

Ignorance and unconsciousness of humans often lead us to make big mistakes as has happened in the Yellowstone national park, where a 72-year-old woman, after being warned on several occasions, finally decides to approach a group of bison where was he going to suffer the worst experience of his life.

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Bison Aggression in Yellowstone National Park

The attack took place in the popular national park on June 29, specifically in the vicinity of a camp that is located northwest from Wyoming..

This area is within the nature reserve, and is the place where a 72-year-old woman decided to move in order to see the bison that graze freely in the area..

So far everything would seem normal, except for the fact that, despite knowing the directions from the rangers to maintain a safe distance, made the decision to approach the bison in order to take a photo, which he intended to share with his family, friends and acquaintances through social networks.

Without a doubt it was a very ambitious catch, and to achieve the best possible result, he made this approach on several occasions, until in the last one of them one of the specimens ran to where he was and pounced directly and without regard..

Due to the situation, other specimens were also alarmed, but luckily they did not come to attack the victim.

A ranger comes to his aid

Fortunately, in the area there was a forest ranger who was the one who helped the woman by practicing first aid, and later transferring her to the Regional Medical Center which is located in Idaho where treatment could be continued.

Be very careful with the attack of the bison

It is important that we inform ourselves well of the safety measures to avoid this type of accident, both in the park itself and before going to it, since only then can we enjoy a safe experience.

However, there are many people who, despite being aware of them, still fail to comply with them, giving rise to various similar events that have been repeated in recent weeks..

One of the elementary requirements for avoid the aggression of a bison is to maintain a distance of a minimum of 22 m.

It is also important to recognize when the bison has an aggressive behavior, which is usually observed before giving rise to the attack as long as there is distance, since otherwise it can attack even without anything being aware of it.

Among the actions that will reveal a possible attack, we highlight that he will kick the ground frequently, we will see that he shakes his head sideways, raises his tail, snorts and even bellows.

This attitude has to give us to understand that the animal is preparing to attack us, in which case we must withdraw instantly, with which the usual thing is that it ceases in its attempt, but in the same way we must continue to move away and look for a refuge to avoid that another situation may arise as so many occur from bison attacks for not respecting their living space.

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