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  • What is the Bichon Bolognese like? Character and Behavior
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  • What are the necessary care for a Bolognese Bichon?
  • Puppies and Gestation of the Bichon Bolognese
  • Main health problems of the Bichon Bolognese

What is the Bichon Bolognese like? Character and Behavior

The Bolognese Bichon is a small breed, commonly used as service dog due to his calm, loving, docile and faithful character. He tends to be not very active inside the home, although outdoors he tends to be more energetic and enjoys playing and running..

Is a dog intelligent, so it is a easy to train breed, Although if not done correctly, he has a tendency to develop behavior problems, such as constant barking or becoming destructive. On the other hand, being a race so small it is often difficult to educate them not to dirty the house, this because, due to their size, they constantly need to go to the bathroom.

How should the owner and environment of a Bichon Bolognese dog be?

The dogs this race develop a strong attachment to their owner and need the constant accompaniment of their families, for this They are ideal to accompany children and the elderly, since they have a certain tendency to develop separation anxiety. For this reason they are not recommended for people who spend a lot of time away from home.

Being small in size and quiet in character, they are appropriate for apartment or indoor living, where they tend to chase their owner from one place to another. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect pets for allergy sufferers.

The Bichon bolognese are easy to train and are considered appropriate for inexperienced and first-time owners. They also tend to get along well with other dogs and animals, although strangers tend to react shyly, so it is advisable that they socialize with humans during their growth, as this will help them reduce and even eliminate anxiety in age adult.

What are the necessary care for a Bolognese Bichon?

Its long fur tends to become tangled and dirty, therefore, it is necessary to brush it daily, also requires a monthly visit to the dog groomer to cut it, which causes the Bichon bolognese requires a lot of attention is that aspect. On the other hand, the hair of these dogs does not fall, which makes this race in hypoallergenic.

The Bichon bolognese does not require much exercise, although if it is necessary to take it out walk at least 2 times a day to relieve themselves, since being a small breed their bladder does not retain much fluid, which causes it to require urination much more often than larger breeds.

Puppies and Gestation of the Bichon Bolognese

The female bichon bolognese It can have litters of between 3 and 8 puppies, although many factors depend on this, such as genetics, health and age of the mother, it is considered that it is from the fourth period of heat where fertility is maximized and the more advanced the The bitch's age decreases her fertility level.

Being a small breed, Its gestation period is between 58 and 59 days, and it is not until the fifth week that symptoms and signs of pregnancy begin to be appreciated.

After the birth of the puppies It is not recommended that you separate your mother from them or bathe her, as the change in smell can confuse newborns who have not yet developed the ability to see or hear, so they are entirely dependent on his mother.

Main health problems of the Bichon Bolognese

The Bichon bolognese usually a very healthy breed and no specific diseases are known to which they are prone, but it is still necessary that all vaccines be applied and that periodic inspections be carried out with a trusted veterinarian, who will help determine the general state of health of the dog.

Also in hot climates it is necessary to frequently inspect the areas under the ears, the armpits, the perianal and inguinal areas and the interdigital spaces, because it is in those places where the Bolognese is more prone to skin infections.

This race has a hope of 14 year life, in which it is necessary to pay attention to their diet to avoid being overweight, especially if they live in closed environments and do not usually do much exercise.

Summary Article Name Bichon Bolognese Description The Bichon Bolognese is a small breed, commonly used as a companion dog due to its calm, affectionate, docile and faithful character. Author Natalia

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