Benefits of having birds

Many people do not share the idea of ​​having a bird locked in a cage and I understand perfectly what they mean: fans of silvestrism have beautiful birds locked in tiny habitats, stripping them of their essence.

However, people like me, lovers of birds, we cannot imagine a life without listening to the beautiful songs they emit and observing their delicate movements..

They are intelligent, social, cute and cheerful animals. Birds give life to a home and fill our lives with melody and happiness. Discover in Animal Expert the benefits of having birds.

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  1. You will wake up every day to pretty melodies
  2. You will enjoy observing its beauty
  3. Your intelligence will surprise you
  4. They can be very affectionate
  5. You can have different birds together
  6. They are very funny

1. You will wake up every day with beautiful melodies

The birds are they wake up with the first lights of the day, Although if you usually cover them at night, you can delay that moment a bit. In doing so, they flood the house with pretty morning songs.

If you are an optimistic person who appreciates music, you will undoubtedly be pleased to hear them emit their unmistakable sounds. Among the birds that sing the best we can find the canary (or Serinus canaria domestica), a real bird's delight.

2. You will enjoy observing its beauty

There are truly spectacular and amazing birds that will delight you just by looking at them. Their vivid colors and eccentric plumage they will amaze anyone who visits your home. Having birds is really a beautiful thing.

3. Your intelligence will surprise you

Although many people consider that birds are not very intelligent animals, you will be surprised to see that they are animals with a great intellectual capacity.

It will depend on one species or another, but we can highlight that macaws are capable of perfectly imitating your voice, other sounds and solving small intelligence games..

4. They can be very affectionate.

If ever in your life you can imprint a bird, that experience will change your life and consolidate you as an amateur ornithologist.

¿You don't know what we are talking about? The imprinted birds are those that have been artificially bred by humans. When this happens, they believe that they are part of our same species and they become extremely sociable and affectionate. Find out more about this topic at, "¿What is a papillero parakeet? "

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5. You can have different birds together

Certain species are able to live in a spacious cage no problem. For example: we can put together canaries and goldfinches or mandarin diamonds and Elizabethans from Japan. We can also bring together specimens of the same species as it happens with parakeets or lovebirds..

Yes, you must inform you properly of the different types of birds that exist and have an extra cage in case conflicts could arise between the different birds.

6. They are very funny

As in almost all species of animals, we find in birds very restless animals that love to play. Providing them with toys such as swings or ladders will not only amuse them, but also us, since it is a joy to see them enjoying themselves. Of course, avoid using mirrors since they cause stress.

Finally add that they also love the water, and in addition to cooling them in summer it also helps them keep their feathers clean. Surprise yourself by leaving a small container of water, ¡you will see!

In short: having a bird is a very beautiful experience that brings us closer to nature and special sensitivity that these animals have. Of course, these are very delicate animals that must be properly cared for so that they show themselves in all their splendor and enjoy an adequate life as they would in the natural state..

Remember that you should provide them with veterinary care if they need it (and it is not cheap), regular cleaning and a spacious cage. All this in favor of your basic well-being.

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