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Elevated feeders are a very good option to feed our dog. On sale you will find different models to choose from, but, if you have not yet decided to get one, in this AnimalWised article we will explain all the Benefits of Tall Dog Feeders. In addition, we give you the guidelines to choose the most appropriate according to the characteristics of your dog. At the end you will find, finally, ideas so that you can make a totally personalized high feeder at home.

Keep reading and discover with us why elevated dog feeders are a good option and how to make a homemade one.

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  1. Advantages of raising the dog feeder
  2. Ideal dog feeder height
  3. How to choose the best tall dog bowl?
  4. How to make an elevated dog feeder?

Advantages of raising the dog feeder

The first point that can make us opt for a high feeder for our dog is health. Such a trough does not force the dog to lower its head to the ground to feed, allowing you to maintain a more comfortable and physiological posture while swallowing. This aspect is especially important for those horses that suffer from mobility problems. An example is arthritis, more common in older dogs, or cervical disorders. These dogs will appreciate not having to lower their heads to the ground. On the other hand, if our dog has been diagnosed with megaesophagus, a high feeder is part of the treatment and the vet will recommend it to us. This pathology affects the functionality of the esophagus and dogs benefit from feeding without having to lower their head, which helps the food reach the stomach, making it difficult to regurgitate. For more details, see our article on "¿How to feed a dog with megaesophagus? ".

If you pay attention to how the dog's posture varies when eating on the floor compared to when facing a raised feeder, you can understand the difference. A good posture at the time of ingestion favors the entire digestive process. Of course, as it is easier to eat, high feeders are not the best option for specimens that eat too anxiously or quickly. In this sense, see what to do if your dog is obsessed with food in this other article. On the other hand, if your dog is a puppy, raising the feeder prevents it from putting its legs in it and ending up dirtying the food or staining everything; it also keeps you from slipping it around the house.

Finally, when evaluating the benefits of high feeders for dogs, it is necessary to assess hygiene. As they are not in direct contact with the ground, there is a lower probability that dust, hair or other dirt will fall on them. They also help to keep the feeding place clean. The dog that eats aloud tends to stain less.

Ideal dog feeder height

To take full advantage of the benefits of tall dog feeders, it is important to consider height. Logically, this will differ according to the size of our dog. Ideally, this should be enough so that the dog does not have to bend over to eat. It can take the height of your elbow as a reference, which should roughly coincide with the bottom of the feeder. Another calculation can be made by measuring the dog from the ground to the shoulder blades and subtracting about 15 cm. In any case, if you have doubts about the exact measurement, choose a height-adjustable feeder. In this way, you can adapt it to the size of your dog. These adjustable feeders are also a good option if the dog is still a puppy, since the adjustable feeder can grow with it.

How to choose the best tall dog bowl?

As there is no single perfect elevated feeder, but rather one ideal for each dog based on its characteristics, it is convenient to pay attention to certain details that will make a difference when making our choice. The bowl size and height They are the first important aspects, since they must be adapted to the dimensions of the dog so that it can feed comfortably. The larger, the less likely that food will fall on the ground.

Also look at the materials and opt for the most hygienic, resistant and easy to clean. Plastic is not recommended because some specimens can cause allergic contact dermatitis. In addition, it absorbs odors and degrades over time. The stainless steel, for its part, it is a very good option, resistant and easy to clean. The ceramics or the glass they are fine, but it is easy for them to break.

On the other hand, there are many elevated feeders for dogs that include a container for food and another for water in the same support. Make sure they can be removed for better hygiene. Having these two feeders attached is not always a good idea. When dogs drink it is normal for them to drip, and if the water falls on dry food it can moisten it, which makes it a product that will easily spoil if the dog does not eat his entire ration quickly or is used to having it always on demand..

Finally, as there are several models, for example, the support ones on which the bowls are hung or the tray type with legs, in addition to attending to the benefits of high feeders for dogs, you can also be guided by your personal taste or even for the decoration of your home.

How to make an elevated dog feeder?

Don't think that a large investment is necessary to reap the benefits of tall dog bowls. If you like crafts or DIY, you can make your own elevated feeder at home and, in addition, personalized. So as not to complicate you can look for a ready-made support, as, for example, the typical one for pots or any bench or table that adapts to the height that your dog needs. You just have to buy a feeder to your liking that fits. If you choose the simplest option, which is the flower pot support, you will only have to place it on the ring. On the contrary, if you have the smooth surface of, for example, a small table, you will have to rest the feeder on it by the narrowest part and draw its outline to cut out the circle and be able to fit the feeder.

Another option is to build the support yourself, for example, with wood. In any case, you always have the possibility to personalize it by painting or decorating it to your liking, for example, with the name of the dog or a design that you like. Of course, always use natural, non-toxic and washable paints or varnishes. In this video we show you the steps to follow.

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