Benefits of homemade dog food

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If we think of canine feeding it is easy to think of feed and different varieties of canned wet food. Our current fast pace of life means that we seek to feed our dogs in a way that is as fast and comfortable as that which allows us to open a package or a can and put the ready food in the feeder. But, ¿industrialized food is the best option?

In this AnimalWised article we are going to talk about the benefits of homemade dog food, of the foods that they can consume and of the different forms that exist of presentation. So we can choose, with all the information, how to feed our partner.

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  1. Basics of feeding dogs
  2. Benefits of natural dog food
  3. How to find a balance in homemade dog food?
  4. Nutritional needs of dogs
  5. Good dog food
  6. How to do food for dogs?
  7. Homemade dog food recipes

Basics of feeding dogs

Dogs have a fewer taste buds than humans but it is believed that they can distinguish between flavors such as sweet, sour, bitter and salty. In addition, they are able to establish preferences or animosities marked by certain foods, which we must take into account when preparing their menu. This must be balanced and for this you will have to include the ten amino acids that are considered essential for the dog because it is not able to synthesize them. Thus, it will be essential that you eat them in your daily diet. In this sense, a good combination will be one that mixes proteins of vegetable origin with others of animal origin, because this is what will guarantee the presence of all amino acids. This point is basic, since if the dog has deficiencies in these essential amino acids, it can manifest alterations in development, anemia or problems in the immune system..

On the other hand, a balanced diet should include adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins to ensure optimal health. Likewise, it is important to bear in mind that each individual is different and, therefore, it is advisable to adapt the diet to each case. For example, growing animals, or pregnant or lactating females, have higher protein requirements. Dogs with illnesses will also need a ration adjustment.

As for the foods themselves that should make up your diet, we must emphasize that, despite being constituted as a facultative omnivorous animal Due to the evolution of the species after domestication, meat and fish continue to be the mainstay of it. In this way, experts recommend that 70-80% of the diet be allocated to these products, and the remaining 30-20% be divided between fruits, vegetables, vegetables and cereals, since they are also foods that the dog's body need to stay healthy.

Benefits of natural dog food

After reviewing the general considerations to take into account when establishing the diet, we see how among the benefits of homemade dog food is the possibility to choose food with whom we will compose the menu. However, it is not the only advantage and here are the rest:

  • When selecting the ingredients ourselves, we make sure to use quality food and to establish the percentages of each product fully adapted to our dog.
  • As we said, by means of a homemade diet for dogs we manage to guarantee that they are present all essential amino acids that your digestive system is unable to synthesize.
  • We offer the animal a diet with nothing processed or very little processed ingredients, which translates into an improvement in its general state of health by ingesting totally natural products. This is so because as the food is less treated, the nutrients are maintained much better, they are easier to assimilate and they hardly carry artificial chemicals, being in some cases the latter non-existent.
  • By including fresh and natural meat, fish, fruits or vegetables, the dish is much more appetizing for the dog.
  • Is much more digestible Due to all the above, since the use of products adapted to the needs of the dog, fresh, quality and natural makes their body assimilate them without problems.
  • It allows us to establish a variable and complete menu, so that the animal does not get bored of always eating the same thing or has nutritional deficiencies.

Apart from the high nutritional value that homemade dog food offers, the fact of seeing our best friend enjoy eating preparations that he loves is one of the greatest benefits for both: dog and human..

How to find a balance in homemade dog food?

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of homemade dog food, we must bear in mind that not everyone has the same nutritional needs, as we have already mentioned. Thus, we will distinguish infants, puppies, adults, pregnant women, lactating females, geriatric and sick. The size of the dog is another factor to consider, as larger breed puppies will be healthier with slower growth. In any case, it is advisable to consult with our veterinarian before any modification in his diet..

Next we will see the general considerations that we must bear in mind depending on the age or state in which our dog is:

  • A mother at the time of delivery you should consume 1.5 times your usual portion.
  • The growing animals require more protein and calories than adults. Although it may be that if we keep the proteins high in the adult dog's diet, this will not have problems, if the caloric intake does not decrease we will end up having an obese adult.
  • The puppies up to 6 months require twice as many calories per kg of weight as adults.
  • In old age fewer calories are needed, about 30% less than in youth. In addition, at this time it can be beneficial to include vitamins such as E, C and selenium in the dog's natural diet, due to their antioxidant effect..

On the other hand, for the diet too we will take into account the level of activity displayed by the dog in its daily life. For example, a dog that performs a lot of exercise can consume a greater amount of fat, while a dog with a more sedentary lifestyle should control its intake very well..

And finally, the prizes should never exceed 5-10% of the recommended daily calories. Remember that positive reinforcement can also be carried out with caresses, words of encouragement or games.

For healthy adult dogs, the key to finding balance in homemade food lies in meet the animal. In this way, we advise trying and experimenting to find the right amounts for our dog, detect which foods he likes the most and how to combine them.

Nutritional needs of dogs

In order for our dog to benefit from homemade and natural food, we must take into account the approximate percentage of nutrients that he needs that, for a adult dog with normal activity it would be [1]:

  • 26% protein
  • 36% carbohydrates
  • 38% fat

Of course these percentages are totally indicative, since we will have to adapt them to the dog's lifestyle, its size, age or condition. As we said, a dog that does little exercise should consume less fat, while one that practices sports can increase this amount. Once again, knowing our dog is the most important thing to offer him the best diet.

Regarding the number of daily intakes or servings, It will also depend on each dog, since some tend to eat once a day while others prefer to eat two or three times. Now, if we have just adopted a puppy, it is advisable to divide the food into several meals throughout the day. Of course, for all cases it is essential to leave fresh and clean water always available.

Good food for dogs

A balanced diet based on good quality protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals will bring all the benefits of homemade dog food. We can choose between the following ingredients, as an example, since there are many alternatives:

  • Between the protein we can find the of animal origin, such as beef, chicken, lamb or fish, which should form the base of the dish, and the vegetables such as corn, soy, or wheat.
  • The group of carbohydrates also includes corn and wheat, rice, oats, etc. Here you enter the fiber, It is not digested but facilitates intestinal transit. Beets, chicory, yams or bran stand out.
  • The lipids or fats, like proteins, they can also be animals or vegetables, like those obtained from seeds.
  • Vitamins and minerals will be present, in different percentages, in all foods. We only have to check in what quantity, in case it was necessary to supplement or increase its dose, and make sure that they do not inhibit each other. Featured sources are liver, dairy or yeast.
  • Foods such as legumes, eggs, fruits or vegetables can be given in a complementary way.

It is important that we consult with our veterinarian when developing our dog's homemade diet to ensure that all his needs are well covered. On the other hand, this article shares a complete list of fruits and vegetables and their benefits: "Recommended fruits and vegetables for dogs ".

How to do food for dogs?

The benefits of homemade dog food are optimized by taking into account the Cooking methods. Meats, fish and poultry are recommended to always give cooked to avoid the transmission of parasites. They can also be cooked grilled. Of course, we must remove all those bones capable of producing obstructions. Although there are types of homemade diets for dogs that offer raw food, such as the BARF diet, we cannot always guarantee that the products are in optimal condition and, therefore, we recommend cooking or freezing the food beforehand..

Foods with lactose, such as milk or cheese can cause diarrhea, so we must control their consumption or, in clear cases of lactose intolerance, remove them from the diet. Thus, we will have to plan our dog's diet to ensure that it is balanced. We can prepare it, freeze it and take it out as we need it, which will facilitate the daily logistics. We must never add no salt or sugar nor foods like chocolate or exciting like coffee.

To enhance the flavor of the dishes we have the option of incorporate spices beneficial for dogs such as turmeric, oregano, rosemary or thyme. Olive oil is also indicated due to its dermoprotective, antioxidant and digestive properties, so we can serve homemade dog food with a splash on top.

Dehydrated food for dogs, a fast, healthy and delicious option

If we do not have enough time to cook but we are clear that we want to improve our dog's diet, there are brands on the market that manufacture dehydrated dog food, totally natural and highly beneficial. This is the case of Naku, company dedicated to the production of dehydrated food for dogs and cats of different ages and even with particular conditions, such as obesity or allergies. To prepare this type of diet, the pertinent studies have been carried out and, therefore, an adequate nutritional balance is already guaranteed. In this way, in addition to offering comfort, it provides the right contribution that each animal needs. Thus, it is as simple as acquiring the food, placing the recommended amount in the bowl, pouring hot water to hydrate it and serving. Although all dogs can benefit, dehydrated food is especially recommended for puppies and the elderly.

Between the natural ingredients that Naku uses to make its products, we can find chicken, lamb or Iberian pork, fish such as salmon and other good foods such as potatoes, yogurt, rice, apples or squash. Likewise, it has products without cereals, specially made for sports dogs or puppies. Another remarkable fact is that all its products are prepared in plants for human consumption, so that they are fit for human consumption, data that provides confidence and quality assurance.

Homemade dog food recipes

How to make natural food for dogs is very simple now that you know what to take into account, the foods that should be included and those excluded. In this way, you can prepare dishes such as: rice with chicken, meat and vegetable stew, grilled fish, etc., always keeping in mind the percentages previously mentioned.

On the other hand, when choosing the pieces of meat it should be noted that we can not only opt for the most common ones, such as chicken breast or beef tenderloin., organ meats are also very beneficial for dogs because they offer a higher percentage of protein and a lower calorie intake. Thus, organs such as the heart, lungs or kidneys offer many possibilities and can be used to prepare any recipe for homemade dog food. If you don't know where to start anyway, at AnimalWised you will find varied and simple recipes like these:

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And remember that lack of time should not be an excuse, we can take advantage of the benefits of natural food for dogs through the homemade food that Naku offers in dehydrated format.

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