Reborn babies, very real newborns

Reborn babies, become more famous day by day and begin to make their way, not only in the children's market, people who have been through some type of mourning, such as the death of their children also make use of therapies that help if you can, to pass the duel or cope with the loss of someone so loved.

A kind of mysticism has been created around reborn babies, where for some families a mere toy ends up being one more member of the family and is that reborn babies are plastic newborns They breathe, pee and suck like a real baby would. Who does not remember in these moments of our dear Chucky, an adorable very real doll in the morning and very devilish at night.

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  • The reborn dolls can breathe, urinate and open their mouth
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  • Dolls as a therapeutic tool
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  • Reborn Spain Association Contest
  • Where does the baby reborn market come from? ?
  • The reborners
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The reborn dolls can breathe, urinate and open their mouth

And is that, when you want to replicate reality, you have to do it from the beginning to the end, That is why many of the babies made by hand are designed so that they can pee, open your mouth, and even breathe.
We always have systems and extras that we can add to reborn babies that no one else can do. For example, some companies add an extra called 'definitive hair', which is a type of hair that never falls out. In the silicone babies there is a problem that is that the hair is falling out, so they implement a system with which it does not fall.
They also put movement motors inside babies, which you can control using a radio control station, all of these things are born out of the need to always be one step ahead..
At the moment there is little competition and the pioneering companies know it.

Plastic newborns

Craftsmen dedicated to creating reality

Within the market of reborn babies A circle of famous artists have been created dedicated to the art of giving life to these very cute beings, through materials such as solid silicone that is used for surgical operations and that enhance that appearance of authenticity and realism. The reborn dolls they usually reach prices ranging from 1000 euros to 12000 euros. The hair is grafted one by one and all this is taken care of to the smallest detail, tongue, eyelids, nails and muscle movements must be traced to reality.

Dolls as a therapeutic tool

They were never intended for it, but they are the same people, sometimes unconsciously or psychology professionalsto those who use it to maybe find that emotional peace of some kind of trauma.

Where to find cheap reborn babies

Websites such as Amazon, Wallapop or Alibaba have very competitive prices, however where you can find the best reborn babies with a higher quality is in specialized stores where they are made by hand and one by one. Not only will you have a unique reborn baby, but they will normally have much more detailed characteristics. That yes, it will not be a cheap reborn baby.

Reborn Spain Association Contest

Every year since February 2015 and with its president by flag Maria del Valle Escudero, competitions are held in Spain and in many other countries in which the trajectory of the creators of reborn art, as well as its surgical use and the automation of babies and it is that little by little a great wave of this movement is coming that has arrived in Spain and the rest of the world to stay.

Where does the baby reborn market come from? ?

In the hard years of the Second World War in Germany, when mothers mending and they took care of the dolls of their children to make them look like they just bought again they used a technique called reborning, it all consisted of taking a normally shattered doll and bring them back to life by applying paint layers to create the most realistic effects of the skin, such as wrinkles, gestures, veins, hairs, scratches or scars typical of the most naughty newborns, which will help to give it so much realism that you will confuse them with a real baby.

The reborners

In a society where a man collects dolls or cars and it is very normal, there is no reason to judge a woman who collects babies, but the reality is that many people judge and have opinions. The first thing they tell you is, you are crazy! That is the word that comes from their soul, says Maria that a few days after the meeting in the shopping center where they always meet, she often hears sexist comments, Maria knows that many judge her with their eyes and that many more admire her work perfectionist with dolls, but doesn't care, she organized the meeting and is happy with the summons.

Maria loves her reborn babies, made by hand and with infinite affection, she says that it is not possible for her to replace a real person, a deceased baby or a son that has left. but many share the passion with their young children who have the luxury of having an artisan mother. "There are not two identic babys. You can start two similar kits, paint them with the same paints one and the other, the same sponges, and you will not get two exactly identical babies. A baby only takes me two weeks with painted hair, if I want it to be grafted it takes me one more week ”, explains our Catalan friend.

blond reborn baby

Movies and series already use them

They are so real that since their creation they began to use them in movies and series. Goodbye to the budget to get a newborn for a cameo and the danger that this entailed being a baby the protagonist.

Baby reborn on film

Where to buy.

In a world as globalized as the current one and with the Internet as a flag, these types of questions are old, they can not only be asked online, reborn babies also have specialized fairs and events where all the experts of the subject attend where they personalize and characterize the you drink to the consumer's taste. We no longer talk about a simple doll, we talk about art and humanity in a plastic.

Large multinationals such as Corte Ingles or Drim already have these little people with batteries on their shelves, but if what you want is something more personalized, we recommend that you go to the fair that takes place year after year at the Mapfre Convention Hall in Madrid on the 17th. ,Dec. 18.

Do it yourself

The new fashion of DIY or "do it yourself " also exists in this market and is that YouTube provides us with infinite tools when it comes to reuse dolls that we already have for turn them into real babies .That is, if you have to have patience and hand to do it, here are a few videos with which you can start creating your own works of art:

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Reborn dogs

In case we had not had enough with our adorable reborn babies, now comes the new fashion, adorable reborn dogs, which as you can see in this image are as adorable as babies or more.

reborn dog

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