Babies on a fitness machine

Experts recommend starting to buy some healthy habits and a healthy life from a young age. If not that they tell these two little ones that we will see below, that these indications have been taken at face value.

These babies, named Noah and Micah, have jumped on the vibrating exercise platform of their parents and it seems that they have a great time while they feel the vibrations. They can't stop laughing!

Of course, they have only been able to do it for a few minutes to record this funny video they are still too young to do this type of exercise, and it could be dangerous for them to spend too much time on the machine.

We have no doubt that this video will make your day completely. To enjoy with these little ones so happy!

Source: Loving Ellie 's Belly

Summary Article Name These Babies Get On A Fitness Machine And This Is Their Funny Reaction Description These babies have gotten on their dads' vibrating exercise platform and seem to be having a blast. They can't stop laughing! Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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