Bathing a ferret step by step

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Although ferrets are clean animals by nature, sometimes they can get very dirty, so much that they need to take a bath.

If you do not know the necessary materials or the steps you must follow, you have entered the right place, in this AnimalWised article we explain how to bathe a ferret step by step, with helpful tips throughout the process.

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To start you should know that you should not over-bathe the ferret. These small mammals have a natural protective layer on their skin and too frequent washing can damage their dermis. As minimum let a month pass between washing and washing.

You can prevent it from getting excessively dirty by brushing it regularly and using wet wipes to remove small details of dirt. Too frequent washing also accentuates the bad smell of the ferret.


Using the right materials is essential, for this search the market specific shampoo for ferrets. This way you will make sure you are protecting your skin..


Prepare everything before:

  • Cube
  • towels
  • shampoo
  • brush

Once you have all the necessary materials for the ferret's bath, you can fill the bucket with warm water, in this way, your pet will feel comfortable and will assimilate the bath as a positive process. You can also bathe him in the sink or in the same bathtub.


If you have never bathed your ferret before you must be patient and very positive so that your little ferret do not be afraid to get into the water. This should reach a reasonable height so that you do not feel suffocated. Do as if it were a game, always without stressing him.

Relax your ferret in the water until it is very wet and then apply the shampoo. Rub gently and gently use your nails to deep clean. You can also use a small ferret brush to remove the remains of dead hair..

Make sure you don't wash their face with soap, it could get into their eyes, mouth or ear. At the end, rinse well until removing the traces of soap.


When you finish, dry your ferret with one of the towels that you have already prepared. You can also stack several towels and let your ferret get in the middle and dry itself, you'll see how it enjoys this moment.

If it is winter you can use a dryer at a very low temperature to finish drying it, a cold can be very harmful for your ferret. There are also noiseless dryers on the market for scary pets.


Clean the cage, the floor and in general the spaces through which your ferret travels on a regular basis to prevent it from getting dirty again. Keep learning about your favorite animal by visiting solutions for an aggressive ferret or the molting of the ferret.

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