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Persian cats are very gentle felines that being so homely they hardly tend to dirty their long and silky coat. I want to make it clear that the first bath of our Persian cat, in my opinion, should be done by a professional, while trimming and polishing its splendid coat. Our daily function from puppies will be combing and brushing them every day and maintain the correct hygiene of your precious eyes, ears and teeth.

However, it could happen that you adopt a Persian cat that came from a shelter, instead of having it collected in a pet trade. In which case it would be somewhat shocking that, being able to pay its high price, then "racaneases " with its care.

But hey, whether it is a cat from a shelter, or adopted through the kind of rescue that their sale prices are, we will try, if you continue reading AnimalWised, advise you on the best way to bathe a Persian cat step by step.

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Whether it is a puppy or a fully grown Persian cat, the first step will be get used to warm water (37º to 38º). If he is a puppy, he will get used to the soak more easily. Because precisely in soaking them, not bathing them, the various previous steps will consist of bathing our Persian cat.

Persian cats tend to hate water and the main problem will be to keep them soaked and serene without fleeing in terror from contact with the element liquid, always warm..

A large plastic basin with a little finger of warm water, taking advantage of a hot day and without dangerous drafts, will be the ideal container to start the soaking of our Persian cat until it tries to run away and is serene and confident.


Once the cat has been convinced and verified that we do not want to get rid of it, neither through cement shoes nor in a squalid flow of water, it will be time to apply a gentle massage and lather it with a small amount of shampoo specific for Persian cats.

Then we will rinse the shampoo by pouring warm and clean water little by little from a jug without neither the water nor the shampoo going to your face.


For extremely dirty cases we will proceed to a second soaping. Remember to take great precaution to avoid that the shampoo ends up in the eyes or in the mouth of the feline. If so, the poor cat would probably have no choice but to flee in terror..

You can also get a conditioner for cats to smooth and prevent the formation of knots and tangles. However, if in this step you discover that your cat has an important knot in its coat, do not hesitate to visit our article to know how to remove knots from a Persian cat.


Both in the soaks and in the subsequent baths, it will be imperative dry our pet very well. We will use two towels, the first to absorb the main amount of water accumulated in the hair of the Persian cat.

The second towel will serve to massage it profusely until it is completely dry, taking advantage of the circumstance to comb and brush it thoroughly. At this point we advise you to visit our article on Persian cat hair care where we indicate the most appropriate brushes and the ideal material for your feline..

It can also be dried using a hand dryer, keeping an eye on the temperature and that the noise does not scare the cat. exist pet dryers ultra-quiet.


If the first time you bathe your Persian cat is through a professional, which I highly recommend, pay close attention to the guidelines followed by the professional pet groomer. There you will see the response of your kitten to the professional care experts.

Pay attention to what type of shampoo and conditioner the professional uses, as well as the combs, cards or brushes used.

Obviously, if you leave the cat and go shopping or to the movies to pick up your pretty cat later, you will miss a master lesson on how to bathe the Persian cat step by step. He is without a doubt the one who can best you guide in this process.


Persian cats, I insist, are very clean. The only place they tend to accumulate a certain degree of dirt It is the chin and low neck. This is because when they eat they have some food residues stuck in that area. By brushing daily you will be able to keep the area spotless.

If you have eaten any greasy food: tuna or salmon (raw, canned, or boiled), rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, very beneficial for its dense coat; you can groom the area with a baby wipe.

It is not advisable to excessively bathe the Persian cat, for this it is better to use tricks to clean your cat without water. Once every two to three months will be enough. Do not forget during the summer period to bathe the Persian cat with antiparasitic shampoos.


Accidentally, your cat may get dirty, and you have recently bathed him; or it happens that they have recently vaccinated (less than 15 days). In these cases it is advisable to clean them with detergent powder or dry foam.

The way to apply these products will be similar to when you proceed to shampoo the cat; being very careful not to apply such products to the face or genitals.

After leaving the aforementioned products to act for a couple of minutes; detergent powder (it looks like talcum powder) and is removed by a meticulous brushing that removes dirt and dust itself.

The dry foam will be removed first with a clean cloth and then we will proceed to deep brushing that removes any shadow of foam and dirt.

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