Forest guards defending the Virunga gorillas are killed

Six forest guards who were in charge of the protection and defense of the virunga gorillas, have been killed by Mai Mai militiamen, a new black shadow that joins the list of approximately 200 vigilantes who have lost their lives in the area while trying to protect gorillas from violent groups.

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  • Virunga Park, a gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • During the confrontation, two militiamen have died.

Virunga Park, a gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Virunga park It is located in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and once again he has witnessed a massacre in which six forest guards have lost their lives, a fact that once again attracts international attention and prompts to seek a drastic solution to end the violent groups that have already starred in these types of incidents on several occasions.

To give our readers an idea, there are approximately 200 vigilantes who have lost their lives trying to protect Virunga gorillas of savages as is the case of the Mai Mai militiamen.

This area has to be heavily protected due to the actions of these armed groups who do not hesitate to shoot the caretakers in order to instill fear and dominate this space..

This latest attack took place at approximately 9:30 a.m., specifically in the central area of ​​the park that is located between Nyamitwitwi and Nyamilima..

After this, six forest guards have died while a seventh is seriously injured, although at this time we do not know his final state, or even if he has already joined the list of deceased for trying to protect the Virunga gorillas.

Mai Mai militiamen behind the killings of forest guards protecting the Virunga gorillas

Behind these attacks are the Mai Mai militiamen, who have ambushed the rangers in order to do as much damage as possible.

During the confrontation, two militiamen have died.

It should be noted that at present, the park, created in 1925 and considered today as Unesco world heritage, It is guarded by about 700 armed guards, who have to control an area of ​​7769 km² of forests and mountains with areas of greater or lesser access..

The wealth of these soils is the main attraction not only for these militiamen, who are part of the different armed groups whose task is to scare off vigilantes from the area to allow criminal groups to access it, but for the latter who They are the ones who finance this horror and who put their large-scale businesses before not only the life of the gorillas and the preservation of the environment they inhabit, but also the human beings who are working in these lands with the aim of preventing this situation worse.

It is clear that to end this it is important that, at the international level, action is taken against these mafias that are the true engine that drives unnecessary deaths such as those that occurred recently in this national park.

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