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Nowadays, it is common to see people who have a rabbit as a pet. These tender animals are a very good option as pets, since they are affectionate, intelligent and through proper education you can even take them for a walk. This idea may seem crazy to you, but it is still an advantage for those owners who want to offer quality moments outside the home, always looking for a place without threats that endanger your little friend.

If you are thinking of taking your furry for a walk, you have probably wondered which one is the best harness for rabbits. For this reason, In this AnimalWised article we explain the different types and characteristics to take into account.

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  1. Advantages of the rabbit harness
  2. Types of harness for rabbits
  3. What is the best harness for my rabbit?

Advantages of the rabbit harness

The harness consists of an accessory made up of interlocking ropes or a vest that is placed around the thoracic area of ​​the rabbit, behind the head, keeping it subject through a strap and preventing it from escaping, since rabbits are sensitive and skittish animals by nature. Therefore, the main function of this element is that your rabbit is safe, preventing accidents and giving him the possibility of going outside. Also, unlike a collar, the harness, apart from being more difficult to remove, avoid physical damage to your rabbit, such as hanging or neck injuries, if for example it makes a sudden movement.

Without a doubt, teaching your rabbit to walk is a good idea, since you give him the possibility of leaving the house, explore different environments that stimulate you mentally and, in addition, makes exercise. The harness is the best way to do this, as it adapts to your furry's body, providing comfort. For all these reasons, if you want to provide the best care for your rabbit, teaching him to walk with a harness is more than recommended..

Finally, even if you do not plan to take your furry for a walk, it is a good idea to put a harness on him to go to the vet, as this will make sure you carry him well and prevent him from running away if the case arises..

Types of harness for rabbits

There is a wide variety of rabbit harnesses on the market with characteristics of all types, sizes, designs, colors, etc. However, they all serve the same function of keeping the rabbit safe. You will be interested to know that there are even harnesses designed for agility (¡yes, the agility of rabbits exists!). In any case, we mainly identify the following types of harness for rabbits:

Interlocking harness

This type of harness is made up of ropes, which can be made of fabric, nylon, leather… We usually differentiate within this group various forms depending on where they have the closure and how they hold their body:

  • Step-in: this type of harness is placed by putting the front legs of your rabbit in it and closing it by the only buckle it has, which is located on the upper part of the body. This type of harness does not press directly on the neck, but on the chest, even so, it is not entirely safe because it can be removed by removing the legs.
  • H shape- As the name suggests, this harness is H-shaped when open. In addition, it has two side closures, one on the neck and the other around the rib cage..
  • Shoulder harness: these harnesses are more unusual in stores, since, generally, they are used for the agility of rabbits. These ropes surround the chest and abdomen, relieving the rabbit of the pressure on the neck that it would have with the H-type harness..

Vest Rabbit Fabric Harness

This type of harness is usually made of fabric or mesh and wraps the body of the rabbit completely, keeping it securely attached. This usually also occurs in the different forms discussed above. It is usually closed with a zipper, buttons or velcro. And, if the closure is velcro, you have to make sure that it is kept clean and intact so that it can fulfill its function as it should..

What is the best harness for my rabbit?

Choosing the most suitable harness for rabbits will be especially important once you have decided to take your rabbit for a walk, because thanks to it your little friend will be safe and you can be calm in the face of any unforeseen situation. The characteristics The ones you should look at are:


Rabbits are skittish and elusive animals, for this reason it will be essential that you make sure you purchase a harness that cannot be removed. The purpose of this fact is none other than to prevent your rabbit from fleeing in case of feeling threatened by danger, since if you do not react in time you could lose your furry friend.


As we have seen throughout the article, that your rabbit receives pressure on its neck is completely harmful. For this reason, for nothing in the world should we take him for a walk with a collar, or make him wear a harness that does not distribute the force well All over the body.

In addition, the materials from which it is made, as well as the decorative elements that it may have, must be innocuous for your animal and thick enough so that they do not rub or dig into its small body. It goes without saying that for your rabbit to be comfortable, the harness should be adjustable (which as a general rule usually happens in all harnesses) so that you can put it on without pinching or being too loose. In this sense, we recommend that you adjust it one finger away between your body and the harness..

Belt hook

This is also a detail that you should pay attention to, as it is common for each rabbit harness to have a different point at which to attach the strap. The most advisable thing is that the strap connect in the back of body of the rabbit, thus distributing the force in the abdomen area. That is, we must avoid those harnesses that are hooked in front of the rabbit, since they hinder their mobility. It is also advisable to avoid those that have the hook directly on the neck.

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