Learn to pass the nitrock and kill the nits

Have you suffered at home a lice infection? Do you want to know how to remove them completely effectively? We show you how to detect lice and kill them and their eggs using the finder.

Main signs that our kids have lice

We are going to see the main signs that the smallest of the house have lice. The first and best known it's obviously the itch, if we notice that they scratch their heads a lot we should be alert and examine their scalp.

Keep in mind that they may not scratch directly on the hair, but sometimes the itchiness appears on the nape or in the area behind the ears. In addition, if we notice that they have problems at bedtime, that they turn a lot or they scratch a lot at that time, it is because lice are more active at night.

On the other hand, if we have any suspicions and we look closely at the scalp, a clear sign that they have lice is that we see a series of whitish spots. If when touching these dots or trying to remove them, we notice that they are stuck, it means that it is not dandruff, but that they are nits or lice eggs.

Why is it important to apply an effective treatment and finish it off with the lendrera?

With just having a head louse, the infestation of these parasites can progress very quickly in just one week. Lice lay an average of between 5 and 10 eggs a day, so if we take time to detect them, we will soon have a hair infested with lice, and that is the last thing we want.

For this reason, it is very important to apply an effective treatment to eliminate nits and lice as soon as possible. The option of using home remedies is not entirely successful, since their effectiveness is not proven, they take longer to fight lice and some can cause discomfort to the scalp.

 One of the best known for its effectiveness is FullMarks, since only 5 minutes of treatment are necessary to kill lice. In addition, it does not cause any type of damage to the scalp, since it does not carry pesticides, and it does not even have a smell or color.

Also, some treatments like this come with a metallic cleaner, which will be essential to eliminate the remains of dead nits and, in some cases, the few nits that have managed to survive.

How to use the nit cleaner to remove nits

The flusher is a type of comb that has very fine metal prongs and with very little separation between them, which helps to remove the nits from the scalp. It is a comb that is very effective in removing lice eggs.

As we have already seen, the ideal for the anti-lice treatment to be completely effective is that the anti-lice product is applied first, either in lotion or in spray. Then, once the lice and nits were dead, it would be time to go through the nitrate.

To pass the laundress, you must be in a comfortable position from which you can see your son or daughter's head from above. It is convenient to be in a area with very good lighting, if possible natural, to better appreciate the nits. However, with an extra light source such as a flexo or a lamp it will work.

It is also advisable to put a plastic bag around the neck or the area where the child is, since sometimes some eggs and lice fall when passing the comb. Once these preparations have been made, we can proceed to pass the lendrera.

With wet hair, the idea is separate hair into sections (4 or 5) and comb each one separately repeatedly. The best way to style it is from the roots of the scalp to the ends.

It is very important that each pass we make with the nitrile, we clean it very well so that any nits that we have managed to extract do not fall by accident. We can do it with a towel, which we can then disinfect by washing it at more than 50º or we can get rid of it.

Please read the instruction leaflet carefully before using the product.

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