Learn how to make this practical and beautiful mattress with pillows

Have you asked yourself how to make a mattress out of pillows?

Or at least how to make a mattress at home.

What to kids love to be on the floor it's no surprise.

I'm not sure how they manage, but the best games for them are always low..

As it is something irremediable to which we have to adapt, yes or yes, it does not hurt to think about some solutions that allow our children to be comfortable and warm even if it is on the floor.

To do this, we have resorted to one of the many DIY projects - do it yourself - on the net, which has surprised us by its originality and simplicity. Today you will learn how to make a mattress.

Is about some individual mattresses What can we do so that our children play, read or watch TV.

It is something that we can buy in many places, but The truth is that doing it is so simple, that it is worth at least trying. Pay attention!

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  • What you will need
  • Let's go with the first step
  • Fold, mark, sew and cut
  • Now the third step
  • The last step
  • And to enjoy an original mattress
  • That both children and adults can enjoy
  • For different activities

What you will need

You no longer have to wonder how to make mats, because here we explain it to you and it will be very easy.

For today's project we need:

Scissors, pins, the fabric with the pattern that we want and a few pillows, which will serve as fillers

Let's go to the first step

We expand the fabric and place the pillows, taking measurements of the space between pillow and pillow.

This is how to make a cotton mattress, let's continue with the following steps.

Fold, mark, sew and cut

We fold the fabric wrapping the pillows.

We pin the ends along.

We sew and cut the excess fabric so that it is not too much.

Now the third step

We turn the fabric over and sew for each of the marks that we had made between pillow and pillow.

We are almost ready, you are learning in a very easy way how to do floor mattress, children the house will thank you

The last step

Tuck the pillows through the side opening, which is left with a single bed.

And to enjoy an original mattress

Nothing better than this children's mat in which they can play, rest, watch TV, hang out and whatever they want.

So don't stop taking these steps and get a comfortable mattress in simple and easy steps, with materials that you surely have on hand.

That both children and adults can enjoy

And it is that not only children will be able to enjoy this special mattress made by yourself.

And we give you an idea, you can involve the children in the creation of the mat, so they will know how to make a mattress at home.

They will have fun learning, and then they will know that they were part of a project with which they obtained a very comfortable and useful mat.

For different activities

Now that you know how to make an easy mattress, let's do it!

It will serve you for different activities at home.

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