Two white giraffes appear in Kenya to the disbelief of the inhabitants

The animal world is not only really exciting but it is a constant flow of new discoveries and surprising stories. When we believe that we have seen it all, some new event can always arise that completely surprises us.

This is the case of the appearance of these two white giraffes in Northeast Kenya (Africa). Hirola Nature Preserve rangers were tipped off of the discovery by Garissa County residents, and they were totally stunned spotting this unknown pair of animals.

Apparently this strange white color of his skin is due to a genetic peculiarity called leucism, more common in birds than mammals. These animals, unlike albinos, which have an absence of melanin, maintain their dark eye color and are not more sensitive to the sun..

Faced with the surprising calm and passivity of the mother and her calf, conservationists they managed to record the behavior of both giraffes without problems. This is how we can see it in the following video. What will Mother Nature surprise us with next??

Source: Hirola Conservation Program

Summary Article Name Two surprising white giraffes appear in Kenya to the disbelief of the inhabitants Description A pair of white giraffes have appeared in the Hirola nature reserve (Kenya). This skin color is due to a genetic condition called leucism. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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