Healthy food for the body

It's very important eat healthy food, Since in this way we will have enough energy and vitality to finish the day well. For this reason we leave you a list of healthy foods that help fight disease.

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Healthy foods to clean and keep the body healthy

  • Olive oil: its consumption is very important, as it helps reduce the risk of brain damage.
  • Vitamin D: helps bone formation and better growth, especially in children. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D stops the progression of lung cancer.
  • The coffee: it helps the cardiovascular system and people with type 2 diabetes. In addition, it helps reduce headaches. It is recommended that you drink two or a maximum of three cups a day, no more.
  • Banana: this healthy food is rich in potassium and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Cereals: Eating this type of healthy food is a great help to avoid hypertension
  • The chicken soup: It is highly recommended for people who feel very tired or who need a little more energy.
  • Salmon: many pediatricians recommend that their children consume more fish, especially salmon as they have a high level of omega 3 and 6, essential for the growth of the baby.

What characterizes a nutritious food?

Although very simple, the definition of a nutritious food it can be confusing. After all, the concept of a nutrient can vary greatly depending on the understanding of the person defining this important term..

However, understanding what a nutritious food is not difficult. For that, we need to know what the nutrients are. So, in summary, nutrients are substances present in food that have the function of regulating our metabolism, that is, to make reactions in the body.

The nutrients They can be classified into carbohydrates (sugars), lipids (fats), proteins, vitamins and minerals. They must all be part of a balance diet and be ingested, in the appropriate portions, every day.

That's it! The consumption of fats and sugars is fundamental for our body, since they are the main Energy sources for our cells and also act in other reactions, such as building structures important for our survival.

Therefore, a nutritious food It is one that has a good amount of nutrients and, in general, is good for our body. In turn, a certain ingredient may be richer in a specific nutrient, which does not make it less nutritious than others. It all depends, of course, on the reference and the needs of each individual.

These healthy food It is recommended to consume them regularly so that your body can obtain the best benefits, remember to avoid a sedentary life and always perform physical activities that can improve your Health, this way you will feel much better and you will avoid diseases.

Summary Article Name Healthy Foods for the Body Description It is very important to eat healthy food, since in this way we will have enough energy and vitality to end the day well. Author Natalia

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