Foods rich in taurine for dogs

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If we have in our home a dog with heart problems and we are looking for specific foods for it, we will find in taurine a very beneficial supplement.

In addition to food, we must also pay attention to obesity, a specific diagnosis, treatment and moderate exercise. Caring for a dog with heart problems is not easy since you will have to dedicate energy and a lot of love to it, properly reviewing all the points and guidelines set by the expert.

In this AnimalWised article we are going to review the foods rich in taurine for dogs but remember that before offering anything to your pet, you should be sure to ask the vet.

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  1. Taurine, a beneficial contribution to the health of the dog
  2. Foods of animal origin
  3. Vegetarian food
  4. Artificial products containing taurine

Taurine, a beneficial contribution to the health of the dog

Offering an adequate diet to a dog with heart problems considerably reduces its discomfort and for this, foods low in salt, the contribution of protein (as long as it does not have damage to the liver or kidneys) as well as the contribution of taurine are well known..

Taurine usually already is present in feed high quality commercials for dogs but we can look for foods rich in it to strengthen the heart of our best friend.

After conducting studies on the effect of taurine on dogs, Technicians from the Veterinary Cardiology Service at the University of Sacramento have concluded that "taurine deficiency can cause heart disease." For this reason they assure that "dogs with heart problems will benefit from a taurine supplement ".

Some benefits of taurine:

  • Avoid muscle degeneration
  • Strengthens the heart muscle
  • Prevents arrhythmias
  • Improves vision
  • Eliminate harmful substances

Foods of animal origin

As we mentioned in our article on the types of food for dogs, the dog is an animal that feeds mainly on meat and to a lesser extent on vegetables, that is a plus since we find taurine in foods of animal origin:

Chicken muscle offers a significant amount of natural taurine especially in the legs or liver, where it is found to a greater extent. Other meats very rich in taurine are pork and cow, we can use the heart of them and make homemade diets for our dog. Other products such as eggs (boiled) or dairy (cheese) always in small doses also offer taurine and can be of great help for our pet..

Finally and to finish with foods of natural origin we must highlight the octopus (boiled for example) as a source of taurine.

Vegetarian food

Likewise also we find taurine in foods of plant origin although not all of them are suitable for dogs. We can offer our pet recipes that contain brewer's yeast, green beans or beans.

Remember that 15% of your total food based on fruits and vegetables is the recommended amount for our pet. Image from

Artificial products containing taurine

In addition to natural products, we also find taurine preparations in capsule or powder form. If you have decided to administer it in this way, you should first check with your vet what amounts you should offer your pet..

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