Forbidden foods for the hamster

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If you have decided to adopt a hamster in your home, it is very important that you know its diet thoroughly so that it does not suffer from nutritional deficiencies, since fiber and proteins are the basis of its diet..

Therefore, you should also know which are those forbidden foods for your hamster, And it is that, it is not just a food that can be difficult to digest, some can cause gastro-intestinal disorders as well as bring you closer to a greater predisposition to suffer from various types of diseases. Find out in Animal Expert which are these forbidden foods.

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What you should know

In the market you will find a variety of hamster food, in addition, it will be classified according to its breed and therefore according to its needs. But if we go deeper and investigate, we realize that the diet of your hamster requires:

  • Cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat or insects

¿So does your hamster have a perfect diet? These three elements are fundamental and must be in proportion to their physical needs since, for example, an excessive portion of vegetables can cause diarrhea. The protein and fiber base is already received with commercial foods, although you must be especially attentive to offering fresh fruit and vegetables. It is very likely that your little hamster will devour everything you give him, although not by accepting it we can say that it is a good food for him.

Do not provide food suitable for human consumption as it has high levels of Salt Y grease, very harmful for your little pet since he cannot tolerate them. We will also not offer you chocolate (sugar), parsley, seasoned vegetables, celery or raw beans..

Foods such as grapes, carrots or beets should be dosed once or twice a week and always in small quantities..

You should know that it is important to remove the leftover fruit and vegetables from your hamster's plate. If you don't, it could accumulate germs and bacteria of all kinds that would later end up in your rodent's stomach. Learn about hamster care.

Forbidden fruits and vegetables for your hamster

It is true that the hamster tolerates an infinity of fruits although they should always be provided in moderation. You will never give your little hamster orange, lemon and avocado. And is that none of these three fruits is suitable for the digestion of your animal: avocado provides excessive fat and lemon and orange cause extreme acidity.

It is also important remove seeds or pits from fruits.

The vegetables They are another type of food that a hamster can digest without difficulty and there are a wide variety of options that we can give them. For this reason, we pay attention to those that we will not offer, such as: garlic, onion, parsley, celery, oregano, basil and radishes..

Its digestive system is weaker than that of the human being, for that reason, if you do not remember the prohibited foods for your pet, think about those that are expensive in the same digestion of the human being (onion and garlic for example) and do not give them to them..

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