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Having to feed a newborn puppy is a very complicated task that requires dedication and time. The puppy is a very sensitive being that needs constant care from you. Do not offer to do it if you do not have all the time available or at least one person you trust to help you.

The most common reasons that lead to having to feed a newborn puppy are the abandonment or rejection of the bitch and although it is a wonderful experience, we emphasize the importance of the bitch being the one who suckles it. If you find yourself in this situation, read and follow all the recommendations that we give you in AnimalWised, because the risk of them perishing is high, find out how how to feed a newborn puppy.

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  1. Newborn puppy temperature and environment
  2. Feeding a newborn puppy
  3. Puppy development
  4. What else you need to know to take care of a newborn dog
  5. Lactation problems

Newborn puppy temperature and environment

All over the world, and usually attached to shelters for pets or shelters, there are so-called shelters for dogs and cats that have just arrived in the world. If you think that you will not be able to take care of newborns due to the multiple demands that this implies, we recommend you go to these people and leave them in their care.

  1. To start with, you should create a stable environment for puppies. A cardboard box, a comfortable carrier or a basket will be enough.
  2. Dogs will need a body temperature between 20ºC or 22ºC. It is very important that we respect this temperature and never raise or lower it, even in winter because the puppies cannot regulate it themselves. We can get a bag of water that we will change regularly, a thread that keeps the heat or an electric mat (always covered and protected by towels, preventing them from gnawing on the cables). We will be very attentive to the temperature control.
  3. We will cover the heat source with a towel and above with a blanket, isolating them well from direct contact.
  4. Once the environment is created and with the puppies inside, we will cover the basket with a blanket, leaving a gap through which the air can pass. It must look like a burrow.
  5. As an extra recommendation we can add a clock covered by a blanket that will simulate the mother's heartbeat.

Puppies that are less than 15 days old are easy to identify, as they have not yet opened their eyes. It is important to keep in mind that we must not touch them outside feeding hours.

Feeding a newborn puppy

The main cause of mortality in puppies is incorrect feeding.

If we have found some newborn dogs on the street we must bear in mind that it is very likely that they will not survive since require to be fed every 3 to 4 hours. If they lack any of the shots, the chances of survival drop drastically..

¿How to feed a newborn dog?

  1. We will go to a clinic or veterinary center quickly and after commenting on the case they will provide us without any problem artificial formula. However, you can also make homemade formula at home, an emergency solution, until you go to the specialist.
  2. We must get several bottles, one for each member of the litter. It is important that everyone has their own, because in case of pneumonia or another type of disease, it would be transmitted very easily from one to another. It is also important that we have one or two nipples for each bottle, and observe which one best suits the dog's snout..
  3. We will heat the milk briefly and check that it is warm.
  4. We will take the first puppy and (with the nipple full of milk without a drop of air) we will stimulate you to wake you up. It will be in the normal position of the dog, on "all fours " we will never hold it like a human baby, and finally we will administer the milk (about 10 milligrams).
  5. It does not matter that he consumes a little more, what is important is that we never feed him below those amounts.
  6. We will be very attentive at the time of supplying milk and if we observe that it makes an excessive, strange noise or that it expels the milk through the nose we will go immediately to a veterinary clinic. These are signs that the milk has gone to the lungs. That is why we emphasize the importance of not cradling him like a baby..
  7. After the ingestion, with a cotton garment or a wet wipe for newborn babies, you we will massage the genitals and we will observe that at that very moment he pees and poops. This procedure is done by the dog with her tongue under normal conditions. It is important that we do not forget this step
  8. Finally and after all the puppies have been fed, we will wash the bottles with boiling water, without using any detergent. To know which one is for each puppy, we can make a mark or buy them in different colors.

Once the feeding process of each of the dogs in the litter is finished, they will return to the basket that must be kept at the temperature indicated in the interior section.. We will never stop feeding a single dog, even if we see him asleep or apathetic.

It is very important that we continue with the milk intake every 3 - 4 hours, otherwise the newborn dog could die. In addition, we should never keep the milk that we have left over for more than 12 hours.

Puppy development

From the first day we will weigh each of the puppies and we will record their weight in a table. To be sure that they are ingesting what corresponds to them and to observe a correct development, we must check that every day they all gain 10% in weight. If this weight gain is somewhat lower, we must supply some more food.

Until 2 - 3 weeks of life we ​​will rigorously comply with this feeding ritual every 3 - 4 hours including obviously the night. It is convenient that we have someone who can help us in this process and who comes to our home to feed and monitor them if we are not there.

After 3 weeks we will begin to extend the time of taking and it will be a gradual change. The first two days will be every 4-5 hours, the next two every 5-6 hours and so on until 4 weeks of age. Also, in these three weeks we will increase the dose to 15 milliliters or 20 if you accept them. We will never force you to drink too much.

At 4 weeks we will see more restless, active and developed puppies. It is time to reduce their milk consumption by 5% and give them for the first time a tablespoon of wet food, I think wet in water or pate. Always soft food.

From the moment he begins to eat soft food, we will gradually reduce the dose of milk until he is weaned after a month and a half, in which he will only feed on wet food and special soft food for puppies.

What else you need to know to take care of a newborn dog

If at the time of feeding you find a listless puppy that barely moves, it may be suffering a drop in blood pressure. Using a blunt syringe, apply sugar water to his mouth or stick some honey on his snout, which he will suck little by little.

It is important to know that bottle-fed puppies lack some defenses natural ingredients that breast milk provides. We will completely remove them from the street and we will not allow any dog ​​to approach them. Also we will not bathe them either.

If we observe fleas, ticks or some other parasite it is very important that we go to the vet as soon as possible, he will know what to do. Do not try to remove them ourselves with repellants under any circumstances.

From 6 - 8 weeks will be the ideal time for us to go to the vet and administer the first vaccines such as distemper, hepatitis, parovirus, coronavirus, parainfluenza and Leptospira. From then on we will take you regularly to provide you with boosters and other vaccines that are given at an older age. It is also the ideal time to implant the chip and register the animal in someone's name, very important in case it gets lost or any problem happens.

Lactation problems

The probabilities of success of an entire litter are not always 100% since on some occasions, and without wanting to, we may not comply with all the steps or the puppy is affected by some problem.

Here we offer you the most common breastfeeding problems:

  • When drinking from a bottle, puppies can sometimes choke. This fact is sometimes due to a bad position when feeding the puppies. It can be very serious and lead to the death of the animal, for this reason we recommend that you go to the vet as soon as possible, who will show you how to use a probe.
  • You look at the weak and weak puppy. ¿Is the puppy taking the amounts it should? If you are not sure that he drinks the appropriate amounts, you should make sure that he meets his diets by putting the exact amount in the bottle (and even a little more) and making sure that he drinks it. Of course, never force him.
  • The puppy has a fever. This is a very common problem that can be a consequence of lack of stability in temperature or deficiencies in the feeding. You should go to the emergency vet to make sure that his life is not in danger.

Before any strange symptom in the behavior of puppies you will have to go to the vet urgently because sometimes, and due to their weak immune system, they will not have much chance of survival if treatment is not administered in record time.

And here is our article to know how to feed a newborn puppy, ¡comment and share your suggestions!

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