Feeding and caring for the Siberian husky puppy

Animal file: Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are a breed of dog that looks as special as its character. If we are thinking of adopting a specimen, the first step is to inform ourselves well about its characteristics and needs. It is the best way to ensure a successful coexistence.

In this AnimalWised article we are going to focus on the feeding and caring for the Siberian husky puppy. The first months of a dog's life are essential to lay the foundations for its future physical and psychological health. Therefore, it is essential to give the puppy the attention it deserves to ensure that it grows healthy and strong..

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  1. Main characteristics of the Siberian husky
  2. Caring for a puppy Siberian husky dog
  3. Siberian husky puppy feeding

Main characteristics of the Siberian husky

Before specifying the basic information around the feeding and care of the Siberian husky puppy, we are going to dwell on the traits that define this breed, since it is essential to know them to determine the needs that we will have to cover..

In the first place, the name indicates the geographical origin of the dog: Siberia. As for their origins, they are lost in history. It is an ancient race that accompanied the Inuit nomadic people. Siberian huskies perfectly combine speed and endurance and this made them perfect for the task they were involved in, which was sled pulling. This is certified by his body with an athletic, robust and muscular complexion. Are tireless workers. But, today, it is almost more common to find the husky as a companion dog anywhere in the world than participating in sled races.

His independent character and her need for physical activity makes it difficult for her to feel comfortable living in an apartment. Given its origin, its precious fur, which is found in different colors, is designed to withstand the lowest temperatures. Requires frequent grooming to look lustrous, especially the tail.

As a curiosity, this breed can have one eye of each color. Also, it does not bark, but it does howl like wolves. Finally, their life expectancy is between 11-13 years. It is a medium-large dog that as an adult reaches 16-27 kg in weight with a height of 51-60 cm.

Caring for a puppy Siberian husky dog

The feeding and care of the Siberian husky puppy are, basically, like any other puppy will need, but it is important to take into account some of the peculiarities that determine its characteristics..

Veterinary care

First of all, like all puppies, it is very important that you deworm internally and externally and that we complete the vaccination schedule. Keeping it protected and free of parasites is essential, especially if you are going to live or spend time abroad.

Environment and space

We have to offer you a safe environment both inside the home and in the space we have outside, if applicable. The perimeter must be leak-proof and nothing should be left within reach that could damage it. You need a sheltered place where you can rest, since quiet sleep is vital in its proper development. Therefore, it is essential to acquire a comfortable bed that is large enough so that you can stretch out if you want or turn around in it before lying down..

Regarding the location of your bed to rest and sleep, everything will depend on the rules that we have established in advance. However, it is always recommended that during the first nights, to get the little one accustomed to his new home as soon as possible, we leave the door of our room open. If your Siberian husky puppy won't stop crying at night, inserting his bed into your bedroom is also a way to make him feel more secure and protected. Little by little, you can move the bed away until it is where you really want it to sleep.

Siberian husky puppy hygiene

Hygiene and get our little one used to brushing and handling him on any part of the body, whether it is to clean his ears, teeth or cut his nails. In addition, this way you will be used to accepting veterinary checks or the administration of medications when necessary..

Brushing in this breed is highly recommended to control hair loss, since it is a dog that usually loses a lot. Therefore, we recommend brushing the Siberian husky, puppy and adult, three times a week. As for the type of brush, as we are dealing with a dog with a double layer coat, it is preferable to opt for a card, a metal comb and / or a rake-type brush.

Play and exercise

All puppies need to play, but when we talk about such active breeds as the Siberian husky this need becomes even more important. So, we must offer the Siberian husky puppy toys to entertain himself, but we must also take time to play with him. Of course, in these games it is very important to avoid inciting the dog to chase our hands or feet because we will only make it understand that biting these parts of our body is fun and correct, and it will want to do it at all times..

Physical exercise should be moderate during the puppy stage to avoid damaging bone development, but as the dog grows, its needs will increase because we are facing a very active breed.

Socialization and education

All the care of the Siberian husky puppy mentioned are relevant, but even more important is to take care of the socialization and education of our husky puppy. First, we should not adopt one until it is at least eight weeks old. First, he has to stay with his mother and siblings, who are the ones who are going to teach him the basics of behavior. An early separation is a risk factor for developing behavior problems. For our part, socialization will consist of let's expose it to all possible stimuli. It is the way for you to acquire essential experiences for a good coexistence and learn to interact positively with dogs, people and other animals. To know all the details, we recommend this article: "¿How to socialize a puppy correctly? ".

On the other hand, basic education is aimed at teaching them the rules of coexistence, such as urinating and defecating outside the home, not jumping on people, living with other animals, walking without pulling, etc. Basic commands are also included to get the dog to come to our call, sit, stay or lie down. Education is essential in a dog like the husky, large, active and with a strong personality. That is why it is not a highly recommended breed for people who have never had a dog before. If you don't know where to start, find puppy classes in your area. There are also them for adult dogs.

In this other article you will find all our recommendations to know how to educate a puppy.

Siberian husky puppy feeding

Husky puppies need a quality diet from weaning, which should not occur before eight weeks of age. It is very important in a dog that is going to grow a lot in a short time, but this fact should not translate into overfeeding him or giving him food supplements. We must also control not to exceed ourselves with the prizes in the form of food, so common during basic education. We could end up getting an overweight puppy or with growth problems derived from poor nutrition.

Food can be divided in 3-4 takes, always respecting the amount of food for a Siberian husky puppy that each manufacturer marks, depending on the diet we choose. Thus, we can choose feed, wet or dehydrated food, always formulated for puppies. It is recommended that the main ingredient be animal protein. We could also decide to prepare homemade food for our Siberian husky puppy, but to achieve a balanced diet it is essential to follow the guidance of an expert in canine nutrition. Homemade food is not synonymous with giving our dog leftovers or cooking a dish like the one we would prepare for ourselves. We have to plan the menu very well so as not to make mistakes that will result in poor nutrition of our puppy at an especially important moment in his physical and mental development..

¿How much does a Siberian husky puppy eat?

The amount of food varies completely depending on the type of food, the constitution of the dog, its level of activity and the size that it will reach as an adult. Therefore, it is very important to acquire quality food, follow the advice offered by the manufacturer and meet our puppy.

Regardless of the food chosen, as it grows we will decrease the frequency of feedings until it is fed 1-2 times a day when it is 12-18 months old. Finally, consult your vet with any questions you may have about feeding and caring for your Siberian husky puppy..

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