Food for dogs with arthritis

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We must be responsible both with the care of our animal and with the information we use to keep it in good health, so it is important to clarify that food is not a solution miraculous in the face of any problem, but the truth is that it directly influences the state of our dog's body, so we must always take it into account and adapt it according to the needs of the animal.

Arthritis in dogs is a disease that causes inflammation in the dog's joints, therefore, providing through food those nutrients that help keep the structures that make up the joint healthy will improve handling of the disease, that is why making changes in our pet's diet is essential. ¿You want to know more? Then do not stop reading this AnimalWised article where we talk about food for dogs with arthritis.

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  1. Improve arthritis with a natural diet
  2. Nutritional supplements and specific feed for dogs with arthritis?
  3. Protect your dog from being overweight

Improve arthritis with a natural diet

When arthritis becomes evident in the health of our dog, the damage suffered in the joints causes pain and reduced functionality. To counteract these consequences, they are usually recommended nutritional supplements that strengthen and regenerate cartilage, such as chondroitin or glucosamine.

The components included in these products can be obtained in sufficient quantities by following a natural diet for dogs which also incorporates the raw meaty bones (always of adequate size and consistency). The ends of the bones contain high proportions of cartilage, the structure that is responsible for keeping the joint cushioned against the small impacts generated by the daily movement of the dog.

To keep cartilage healthy, it is necessary to collagen and its internal synthesis is enhanced with protein foods, such as meat or fish, For this reason, it is important not to abuse cereals in the dog's diet and to respect a majority proportion of proteins.

Adding oil to your dog's food is also a good recommendation, since oils such as Krill, coconut and flaxseed oils help manage arthritis pain, as they contain essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 , with powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Some natural supplements for dogs such as fish oil or turmeric are highly indicated and recommended as nutraceuticals for arthritis.

Nutritional supplements and specific feed for dogs with arthritis?

exist specific feed and nutritional supplements designed for dogs with arthritis, some examples are those veterinary food products that contain New Zealand mussel.

The positive effects of this food on canine arthritis are supported by some scientific studies (Whitehouse, 1997- Bierer, 2002- Bui, 2000), which state that this food reduces the inflammatory process and consequently the symptoms of arthritis.

But in this case, ¿How to provide this food? The same manufacturers of these products indicate that it is only valid through the preparation of an already prepared feed, although it can be incorporated in other ways into your dog's diet when it is homemade.

What should also be taken into account is that a nutritional supplement not a substitute for a good diet and that it is difficult for a dog to be perfectly nourished if it only consumes feed, therefore if we use it it is advisable to supplement it with natural foods on a regular basis, regardless of its diet.

Protect your dog from being overweight

Being overweight in dogs is a burden that falls directly on our dog's joints, so it is essential to avoid this situation. The Caloric intake It should be in line with the weight of your pet, although the proportions mentioned above should be maintained to improve canine arthritis and the general health of the dog.

It will also be essential for your dog to perform moderate physical exercise, always respecting your possibilities movement, since if a total sedentary lifestyle is reached, the weight increases, the arthritis worsens and the vitality of the dog decreases dramatically.

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