Feeding a bitch after giving birth

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A bitch that has just given birth to her litter of puppies is going to require a series of extra attentions that, as caregivers, we must know. Among these, the diet stands out, which cannot continue to be the one we provide to our dog on a regular basis..

In this AnimalWised article we are going to focus on explaining what should be the feeding of a bitch after giving birth, in a way that guarantees their recovery and well-being, as well as that of their puppies, who will grow up healthy if we provide them with an adequate production of breast milk.

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  1. Feeding a lactating bitch
  2. Characteristics of the feed for a lactating bitch
  3. How to feed a bitch after giving birth?
  4. Food for the bitch to produce more milk
  5. My newly born dog does not want to eat

Feeding a lactating bitch

In reality, feeding a bitch after giving birth should continue the pattern that should have been started during pregnancy. As soon as we know that our dog is pregnant, if we do not already, we must offer her a I think of high quality.

If it takes more than a month of gestation, remember that the duration of the pregnancy of the bitches is about 63 days, we must provide a I think for puppies, for the reasons that we will see in the next section.

After giving birth, the bitch must continue to consume this same food until the weaning of her puppies occurs. They can begin to eat the same feed as their mother, although soaked with water, around 3-4 weeks of age, but they will continue to suckle for a few more weeks..

Characteristics of the feed for a lactating bitch

As we have said, the feeding of a bitch after giving birth should consist of a growth feed for puppies. This is explained because during pregnancy and, above all, in the lactation period, the bitch's needs are modified to adapt her organism to the task of making her puppies grow properly..

A) Yes, increases the amount of calories and protein that the bitch must consume in such a way that her usual feed does not cover them, so she must resort to the feed specially formulated for growing puppies that would provide adequate amounts for this period.

The feed for the lactating bitch should not contain less than 21% protein. In the next section we will see how to supply it. Of course, our bitch must always have at her disposal fresh and clean water. We must avoid offering them sweets, since, although they can provide extra calories, these are not of good quality and will make them eat less feed..

How to feed a bitch after giving birth?

Once the puppy food has been chosen, which, remember, must be of high quality, we will administer it following the following recommendations:

  • In the first week postpartum we will increase the amount recommended daily serving and a half, approximately.
  • In the second we will double this amount.
  • In the third the dog should be eating triple the normal ration.
  • From the fourth week, as the puppies will start to eat, I also think, we can go decreasing the amount of food for the lactating bitch, yes, gradually. Once the little ones are weaned, the bitch can go back to her usual diet.

If the bitch is fed homemade food we can also follow this pattern. In these cases we should use high quality calories and protein. If the bitch loses weight we have to consult with our vet to review the diet and, if necessary, prescribe supplements.

We must know that it is normal that immediately after giving birth the bitch I don't want to eat. If this situation lasts for several days, we should consult with our veterinarian. We can offer you the feed divided into about 3 servings a day or leave it at your free disposal, especially if you have given birth to more than 4 puppies.

If the bitch has obesity problems or any disease, we should consult her diet with the vet.
In no case do we have to offer you supplements without a veterinary prescription, as it could even be counterproductive.

Food for the bitch to produce more milk

Some caregivers introduce certain foods that they believe will increase her milk production when feeding a bitch after giving birth. Although it is a widespread practice, the truth is that there are no foods that increase the amount of milk. The trick to guarantee a good production is to feed the bitch as we have explained in previous sections..

On the other hand, if we observe that it does not produce milk we must go to our veterinarian, since it could suffer from a disorder such as agalactia, which is the lack of milk production, or a failed ejection, which may make it impossible for you to breastfeed or you may need medication to do so.

My newly born bitch does not want to eat

If a newly born bitch does not want to eat, we should consult our veterinarian, since it could be suffering from some pathology such as metritis, which is a womb infection, or one breast infection called mastitis. In these cases requires treatment. To encourage her to eat again, the dog's diet after giving birth can include wet food, more palatable, of course, also formulated for growing puppies. In any case, it will be essential visit the vet.

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