Have you ever seen an elephant sleep on its calf? It can be that amazing

Elephants are amazing animals. They have very valuable abilities, like their memory. They are very familiar animals and proof of this is the way they protect their young while they sleep.

And it is that taking care of a baby elephant takes time and effort, they have many things to learn and memorize. That is why they also need to rest properly, with tranquility and time..

Generally, the family and the older elephants in the herd watch over and protect the small elephants while they sleep.. There is no dream for these babies that is not in the company of others.

At the Elephant Nature Park refuge, babysitters Dok Mai, Faa Mai and Thong Jan they are in charge of making the baby elephant Dok Rak go to sleep. However, it rains heavily, so protection is multiplied.

This image couldn't be cuter. The animal world never ceases to amaze us with its way of doing things; really nature is more than wise.

Source: elephantnews

Summary Article Name Elephants watch over the sleep of their young Description Elephants are incredible animals. They have abilities as valuable as their memory, one of them is the way they protect their young while they sleep. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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