Someone very special recorded their entire wedding ceremony: their dog

Our dogs become our travel companions and our lives are no longer independent to adjust to the conditions that our furry friends need. Maybe we can't travel so much by plane, or we have to look for weekend getaways that they can join, but it doesn't matter., because they more than make up for it every day.

Our furry friends have shown us countless times that they are capable of giving us unconditional love, and that they will never tire of doing so. However, they always have the ability to surprise us, helping us in the most important days of our life.

It's been a year since Addie and Marshall got married, It was a special day that they only shared with the closest people, among whom they could not miss Ryder, your dog. “Ryder insisted on shooting the wedding video, so we let him. Although it has taken time to edit the images, you can finally see the result ”- jokes the now husband.

No sooner said than done, below you can see what is possibly the most original wedding video of La Nube de Algodón. And it is special not only because of that, but because represents the vision of one of the most important beings for them: his partner Ryder.

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