Skin conditions of the Sphinx Cat

The sphinx cat It is one of the most iconic cats that exists, today it is called the "Egyptian cat ". It is a cat that has little or no hair and is considered one of the most expensive cats that exists, its price can be higher than 700 euros, in addition, caring for it involves a high monetary cost. This particular breed of cat has certain skin conditions here, we talk a little about them.

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    • How to tell if a sphinx cat has a food allergy

Contact dermatitis

Symptoms include red, itchy pimples, its skin may look inflamed where the cat has come in contact with an irritating chemical. It can also be caused by feeding it with plastic or rubber containers. A great way to prevent this condition is to keep the cat away from chemicals, and not to feed it by placing its food in plastic containers, it is recommended use ceramic, glass or stainless steel containers.

Feline acne

Is a common condition in cats of this breed, it usually appears mainly on the edge of the lips and in the lower part of your chin. This condition is also associated with eating through the use of plastic dishes. However, another factor that produces acne is the skin of this breed of cat, since it has the characteristic of being greasy.

Stallion tail

Caused by glands near the tail that excrete excess fat. The symptom is to see that your tail has a kind of greasy material with a musty smell, it usually appears at the base and has a waxy brown color. This condition is found more often in non-neutered males, in neutered males and females it can also appear. Treatment consists of sterilizing the cat, and daily washing with an antiseborrheic shampoo..

Sun burns

These cats are prone to sunburn and should be kept out of direct sunlight during daylight hours, if possible, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to reduce the risk of sunburn and minimize the long-term risk of developing skin cancer. Symptoms of too much sun usually include brown spots, redness or red patches on the torso area, or red bumps (heat rash) on the body. It is also advisable to put on clothes during hours of high solar intensity to protect you.

Food allergies

Another very common problem for cats sphinx is food allergy. Many studies have shown that certain ingredients contained in cat food (feed) are more likely to cause food allergies than others.

The main symptoms of food allergies are itchy or irritated skin, small pimples may appear, and even open sores that ooze. In the Sphinx breed, these symptoms are much easier to identify because this breed is hairless and its skin is exposed..

How to tell if a sphinx cat has a food allergy

An easy way to see if your cat sphinx has a food allergy is a simple food trial that would consist of feeding him a source of protein and carbohydrates for 12 weeks. The food source would be a quality food that the cat has never eaten before. Quality food include foods such as: duck or venison, in combination with potatoes or peas. All of these foods can be found in any pet store.

Homemade diets are often used as the ingredients can be carefully selected. Regardless of the diet used, it should be the only thing the animal eats for 12 weeks. This means that they should not be given candy or flavored medications; absolutely nothing but the special food and water. You also have to be careful not leaving human food within reach of the cat or even household garbage as it could be an external source of food and delay the process of defining whether the cat has a food allergy or not.

Summary Article Name Skin conditions of the Sphinx Cat Description The sphinx cat is one of the most iconic cats that exists, today it is called the "Egyptian cat ". This breed has certain skin conditions. Author Natalia

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