Dog training in defense and attack

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The protective instinct of dogs makes many people want to know how to train a dog to defend its owner, however, they are not aware that this type of training can be very dangerous in inexperienced hands.

We are not only referring to training it from the beginning, but we are also referring to those people who are looking for trained defense dogs for sale. Even owning a properly trained dog can be risky in the hands of an owner who does not have the appropriate knowledge and handling experience..

¿Would you like to know more about the training of the dog in defense and attack? ¿You wonder if it's a good idea? In this AnimalWised article we are going to explain why you should never try to train a dog to attack, what the legal regulations say and many other details that you should know, ¡keep reading!

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  1. Why train a dog for defense and attack?
  2. Who can practice dog training in defense and attack?
  3. Can all dogs be trained in defense and attack??
  4. Behavioral problems derived from poor training

Why train a dog for defense and attack?

Currently there are many sectors that incorporate working dogs as part of your template. Among them we find search and rescue dogs, drug detection dogs, therapy dogs and security dogs, either as part of a public or private service.

Security dogs can work in the public sector, as police dogs, but also in the private sector, as support dogs for guarding and custody of open spaces, buildings and facilities or as defense and surveillance dogs..

Who can practice dog training in defense and attack?

According to Royal Decree 1037/2011 that establishes the professional qualifications of the professional family of "Security and Environment ", only those specialists who have carried out canine training in security operations and civil protection level 3 can practice training for defense and attack. [1]

Is totally prohibited by law carry out training in guard and defense if you do not have this professional qualification, since it is considered that the person does not have the knowledge or proper handling to carry out this type of instruction. In addition, a dog that has received this type of training is considered a "potential weapon", which in turn requires a specific license and civil liability insurance, as it would be considered a potentially dangerous dog. We should also use a muzzle and leash in public spaces, as indicated by Spanish regulations..

For that reason, if you are not a specialist, under no circumstances should you train a dog to attack. People who work in security dog ​​training are used to techniques and tools who are used in this type of training, know how to solve possible behavioral problems that may arise during learning and are well versed in canine behavior.

If you want to train a dog for defense or look directly for a trained dog, we recommend that you previously consult a professional and that you never carry out techniques that you have seen others perform without having the necessary training.

Can all dogs be trained in defense and attack??

It is very important to note that not all dogs are suitable for attack and defense training, regardless of breed. Professionals do not choose just any dog, but rather look for emotionally balanced dogs with very specific behavioral characteristics. In fact, several tests are done before even starting with basic obedience..

A dog with behavioral problems, anxiety or stress would be totally ruled out of this type of training, as well as those that may experience any type of physical ailment.

Behavior problems derived from poor training

As we have already told you, not all people are trained to train a dog in defense and attack, precisely due to some behavior problems that can appear if it is done improperly, we show you the most common:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Aggression towards people
  • Aggression due to social conflict with the owner
  • Aggression towards other animals
  • Protection of resources with people
  • Protection of the territory
  • Appearance of fears
  • Redirected aggression
  • Appearance of traumas and phobias

For all these reasons, training a dog in defense and attack without being a specialist is totally discouraged. If you are looking to educate your dog to protect yourself, ask yourself if this is really necessary and follow the legal guidelines according to Spanish regulations, always in the hands of a professional.

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