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The goldfish o Carassius auratus is undoubtedly the most popular cold-water fish in the world, millions of people enjoy an aquarium thanks to this fish with simple care. Its low demand on maintenance and its ability to feed are perfect for people with little time.

In this AnimalWised article we will give you the basic tips that you should take into account to the goldfish aquarium be it individual, community, small or large, the elements that you must place in it and some technical details. Keep reading:

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  1. Aquarium size
  2. Water
  3. Plants for the goldfish aquarium
  4. Aquarium gravel
  5. Decor
  6. Technical tools

Aquarium size

The importance of the size of the aquarium is essential for the fish to live comfortably. We are not only talking about well-being, your goldfish can become aggressive towards other fish if they do not have enough space.

- A single copy

Each specimen of goldfish needs at least a few 40 liters of water to be properly maintained. So that you can imagine the required size we will explain you in centimeters the minimum dimensions what the aquarium should have: 50 cm wide x 40 cm high x 30 cm deep.

However, and even if you only have a single fish, you should always try to choose the largest aquarium possible. In this way, not only will the fish be more comfortable, but we will also be able to enjoy a beautiful and well-decorated aquarium..

- Goldfish Community

If, on the contrary, you consider having a small community of goldfish Instead of a single specimen, you should be clear that the aquarium must be larger, proportional to the space required by each particular fish. In a fish tank of about 150 liters you could have between 3 and 4 goldfish for example.


Goldfish, as we have already mentioned, is very resistant and in this case it proves it again: it prefers waters of somewhat high hardness and will adapt between the 10 and 15 GH, on the other hand it will support between 6.5 and 8 PH. As you can see, these are factors that we find in almost any water, so choosing one of a quality our goldfish will keep well.

Plants for the goldfish aquarium

You should avoid all those plants that are small and tender, the goldfish he is a voracious eater and will probably kill delicate plants quickly. Bet on plants of the family of the Anubias for example since they are resistant.

You can also consider getting fake decorating plants. This type of vegetation is recommended for resistant fish such as goldfish but not for other species such as betta splenders since their fins are very sensitive and could be injured.

Other options that we could include in an aquarium for a goldfish are the following:

  • Egeria Densa
  • Salvinia cucullata
  • Echinodorus Tenellus
  • Ceratophyllym Demersum
  • Riccia fluitans
  • Ceratopteris Cornuta
  • Saggitaria Platyphylla
  • Lemma Minor
  • Microsorum Pteropus
  • Eichhornia Crassipes
  • Bolbitis Heudelotii
  • Limnobium Laevigatum
  • Vallisnea Spiralis Tiger
  • Vallisneria Americana Biwaensis
  • Crinum thaianum
  • Ceratophyllym Demersum
  • Riccia fluitans

Aquarium gravel

It is very important to put a thick layer of gravel (1.5 - 2.5 centimeters) that is of coarse texture for different reasons: The main and most important is for the correct absorption of the fish's droppings and the remains of the goldfish's diet, but it will also be useful if we have plants since it allows the roots to be protected and to expand well..

If instead you want to opt for fine sand (similar to beach sand) but you want to continue to have the presence of vegetation, you must do so using a pot in which you will put the plants with coarse sand.

¿What type of gravel to choose?

In AnimalWised we recommend using silica sand Whether thin or thick, it is a very good option for different types of aquarium as it does not alter the PH or hardness, it is neutral. On the other hand, you could also consider using calcareous gravel like coral sand because goldfish is a fish that better withstands high hardness and this type of gravel provides it.


In this aspect we can be very creative. As we have explained before, goldfish are very resistant fish that can adapt to very different types of environments. We can locate logs, vegetation and figures of all kinds in our aquarium. Go to any store to discover the options they have there and customize your aquarium.

Technical tools

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