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The game It is not only entertainment for children, it consists of a fundamental playful element for their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Playing, a child learns fundamental values ​​for his formation as a person and citizen, stimulates his creativity, and also exercises his body and strengthens his immune system.

Unfortunately, many adults forget the importance of playing, having fun and allowing, at times, to "let go" of the child that we all carry in our souls. But dogs seem to understand it innately, without anyone needing to teach them.… Therefore, in this AnimalWised article, we invite you to know activities for kids and dogs, that allow our beloved little ones to share unforgettable moments of fun and learning with their best friends.

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  1. Dogs and children: the ideal companions
  2. The importance of positive reinforcement
  3. Do we play ball?
  4. The classic and infallible hideaway!
  5. Swimming or water games
  6. Bath time is a lot of fun!!
  7. Your own agility circuit

Dogs and children: the ideal companions

You must have already observed that dogs and children share many similarities in their way of being and in the energy they have to play, run, jump…, hours and hours without stopping. But the benefits of having a dog for children They go beyond improving the predisposition for physical activity, which is undoubtedly one of the fundamental aspects for the healthy growth of our little ones and our furry ones..

Having a pet can teach our children a lot about the fundamental values ​​for their formation as people and citizens, such as fidelity, companionship, simplicity, respect for others, etc. It also contributes to fostering a sense of responsibility, since a dog, as well as any independent domestic animal of its species, requires our commitment and dedication to develop healthy and happy..

And since dogs transmit this unconditional love to us, they usually have a determinant psychological impact positive In the kids (and in adults too, ¿true?). A child who lives, plays and shares his life with a dog usually feels more loved, valued and protected, which strengthens his self-esteem and stimulates his cognitive and emotional development. In addition, the canine company tends to improve the social skills of our little ones, also removing the feeling of loneliness or social rejection..

The importance of positive reinforcement

The activities that we propose below are excellent proposals to reinforce basic canine obedience exercises with our furry dogs, and teach children the importance of educating their pet using the positive reinforcement, and never violence.

We want to remind you that training, in these cases, appears as an essential preventive care to improve your child's games with the dog, and avoid any accident. And to help you train him, we leave you this excellent canine training manual in pdf.

Now, we can discover together the range of fun and learning that the activities for kids and dogs.

Do we play ball?

We start with the simplest, cheapest, and incredibly fun activity on our list: ¡play ball!

But before starting to play, we must explain to our child that the ball should only be thrown after the dog obeys the command to sit next to him and wait. Then, our furry will have to pick it up and deliver it to the child's hand, in order to then earn its recognized recognition for the behavior correctly carried out. Quietly, we can diversify this activity by replacing the ball with a toy or canine accessory that is appropriate for the age of our dog. And if you want to try a more sporting activity, you can teach your dog to play "Disc Dog ”(Or " Dog Frisbee ") with your child.

Check out our article "How to teach a dog to fetch the ball " so that, together with the child, you can enjoy training sessions and fun.

The classic and infallible hideaway!

Hide and seek is a fun activity for children and dogs that reinforces our dog's cognitive ability, obedience, and senses, as well as stimulate the creativity, the agility and intelligence of our little ones.

Before starting to play, we will have to train our dog to find objects and bring them back. It is important to start with an easy level so as not to bore or frustrate the animal. We start by hiding a very beloved toy of our furry friend in some room of our home, and we give him some verbal tips so that he can get to him. Progressively, we can increase the difficulty of the hide and seek challenge and also play it outside the home. We always must offer a reward to recognize the "work " of our best friend; you can give him a treat, pet him, praise him, or play a good time with him.

Once the dog has understood the meaning of the game, we can explain the concept of hiding to the child and observe how they have fun in their free moments.

Swimming or water games

¿Does your dog love water? Then, swimming will be an excellent activity for your child to improve his swimming, exercise and have fun with his best friend. But remember that we should never leave dogs or children alone, without the presence of an adult, in the pool or in the sea..

And if you don't have a pool in your home, you can suggest playing with the hose in the garden or on the patio during the warmest days of the year. The idea is that the dog faces the water jets like a toy, starts jumping and running to catch them. We must teach the child to never throw water directly in the face (and less in the ears) of the dog, and do not play very close to his own body to avoid any accident.

Bath time is a lot of fun!!

Bath time can be incredibly fun and playful. Together with children, we can reinforce the importance of hygiene for health, teach them that having a pet also implies care and responsibilities, and that we should enjoy sharing the simplest moments with whoever we love..

Once again, we reaffirm the need for presence of an adult to guide this activity and avoid any accidents. We must ensure that the water is at an adequate temperature so as not to cause burns or cold to our loved ones. It is also essential to use dog-friendly products, and not human cosmetics.

Before starting the bath, we can also teach the child to brush the dog to untangle its coat and help remove dead hair..

Your own agility circuit

There are many sports that can be practiced jointly by humans and canines. An excellent proposal to exercise the dog and stimulate the child's creativity is create our own home circuit and get started in agility together with our dog: a sport that basically consists of a circuit with different obstacles for dogs.

To create your circuit, you can do a real mission with your child, and take advantage of many items from your own home. A sturdy box can be an obstacle to jump or to go up and practice some obedience commands, such as "give the leg " (or "wave "). While a simple two-sided cardboard box quickly becomes a tunnel to crawl into, that antique chair is quite a challenge to climb under and around. Include a ball or toy at the end to teach him some tricks or just get him to play.

Before starting to play, remember to teach the dog to progressively overcome each obstacle, and reward him for each good behavior to motivate him to continue learning and playing with your child..

¿Do you know other activities for children and dogs that are not on our list? Then, ¡share it with us in the comments of this article! We would love to learn with you too...

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