A newborn is brought close to its mother's face and her reaction leaves you speechless

Only by contact with the skin, this baby is able to realize who he is with. With his mother, the body that has housed him for nine months and that has somehow created a special bond. Being born is a painful process for the baby and the mother, but greater than all that is the joy of receiving a new life in your arms..

To go through the same experience is to be united for the rest of time. We know what the other person is feeling more easily and it is less difficult for us to understand each other. Let's look for the explanation that we look for, the reality is that being a mother is a precious experience that keeps you together with your baby.

And baby must know in advance because there is something that makes him act different when he is with his mother. Be it instinct, bond or recognition, this little one makes it clear that there is something between them that makes everything more special.

Contact with the your mother's skin to feel better, more confident and relaxed. That is why nothing works better than someone who understands and loves you when we are sad or in trouble..

In any case, seeing how life begins is always something amazing. Nature has thought and tied down to the last detail. Don't you think?

Source: Lion King 1905

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