Salmon oil for dogs - Dosage, benefits and uses

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If you live with a dog, you have surely heard of the benefits of offering salmon oil. It is due to its content in Omega 3, an essential fatty acid found mainly in fish oil such as salmon.

Next, we explain the benefits of this nutrient, as well as the importance of its administration and the contraindications of improper use. Keep reading and discover in this AnimalWised article the benefits of salmon oil for dogs, the recommended dose, how to give it and where to buy it.

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  1. Is salmon oil good for dogs?
  2. What is salmon oil for dogs good for?
  3. Benefits of salmon oil for dogs
  4. Salmon oil dosage for dogs
  5. How to give salmon oil to a dog?
  6. Contraindications of salmon oil for dogs

Is salmon oil good for dogs?

Roundly Yes. Salmon oil it is rich in omega 3, a polyunsaturated and essential fatty acid, like another well-known fatty acid today, such as omega 6. Omega 3 can be DHA or EPA. Salmon oil is especially rich in both. They are called essential because they are essential for life and fulfill important functions in the body, but the body cannot synthesize them, that is, the dog cannot manufacture them itself. That is why it is necessary that you consume them as part of your diet.

These fatty acids usually come from algae that are later ingested by fish. Thus, other oils contain omega 3, but in less quantity than salmon oil.

What is salmon oil for dogs good for?

The omega 3 contained in salmon oil fulfills different and important functions in the dog's body. A) Yes, intervenes in the puppy's brain development and plays an important role in growth, reproduction, and vision. DHA is part of the membranes of neurons, the retina, and sperm. Studies have shown greater cognitive success in puppies supplemented with DHA. A better result has also been verified in electroretinographies performed on puppies supplemented with EPA and DHA.

For its part, EPA is a precursor of eicosanoids, which perform multiple and important functions in the body, among which its role as mediators of inflammation and in the immune response, as well as in vasodilation and antiplatelet aggregation. They are also precursors of resolvins, with anti-inflammatory effect, and other bioactive substances and can act on gene expression.

Benefits of salmon oil for dogs

Although studies on the role of omega 3 and the benefits that a diet rich in salmon oil has for dogs are still being developed, the results obtained so far are promising. Thus, they have been discovered benefits in different pathologies, like the following:

  • Renal disease: a lesser severity of lesions and a reduction in proteinuria, that is, the presence of protein in the urine, has been found.
  • Osteoarthritis: inflammation, pain and clinical signs are reduced. It is not just a subjective assessment of caregivers, since studies have been carried out measuring the strength of the dog's footfall.
  • Cardiovascular pathologies: there are studies that have detected beneficial effects in dogs with cardiomyopathies thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect and improvement of the so-called cardiac cachexia. Other studies confirm a reduction in arrhythmias, as well as a decrease in the progression of valve diseases. In this case, supplementing with EPA and DHA accompanied by substances such as taurine, lysine or vitamin E.
  • Inflammatory skin diseases: highlights its use in dogs with atopic dermatitis and allergy to flea bites. A diet rich in omega 3 improves itching and lesions, especially in newly diagnosed dogs.

Salmon oil dosage for dogs

To take advantage of all the benefits that salmon oil brings to the diet of dogs, a suitable dose must be used. But the truth is that, so far, there is no exact dosage established. There are recommendations to limit the maximum consumption, as well as the amounts recommended for different pathologies. You also have to watch the omega 3 / omega 6 ratio, since both establish competition in the body, so there could be problems if they are not balanced. Thus, we must make sure that our dog has the needs of both covered.

In any case, it is assumed that the food marketed for dogs, as well as the supplements, include this ingredient following veterinary recommendations. If the quantities are not specified, it is possible to contact the manufacturer directly to obtain all the information. Supplementation should be done under veterinary supervision. Finally, it must be taken into account that salmon oil supposes a contribution of calories that will have to be subtracted from the diet Of the dog. Extras should not exceed 10% of daily calories.

How to give salmon oil to a dog?

Salmon oil may be included as an ingredient in commercial dog food. It is an easy and comfortable way to provide this important nutrient in the diet, since you only have to fill the feeder. However, it may be that the food the dog is used to does not contain the amount he needs or that we cannot know exactly how much it contains. In that case, supplementation is used, which allows a better dose adjustment. The omega 3 concentration will be at least 20-30%.

It is important choose a good product to ensure that the animal will receive all the benefits mentioned above. In this sense, the Barkyn's Salmon Oil for Dogs It guarantees an excellent source of fatty acids by using the best Atlantic salmon, sourced from the coast of Scotland. Barkyn's Scottish Salmon Oil is a dietary supplement extracted, specifically, from fresh salmon from the Atlantic Ocean, the Salmo salar, raised in carefully controlled conditions along the Scottish coast. In addition, the oil extraction process is carried out completely naturally, without the introduction of chemicals. Thus, these are the most outstanding characteristics of this salmon oil:

  • Natural oil extracted from fish.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Controlled source.
  • No additives or preservatives.

This salmon oil can be mixed directly with feed of the dog or with the food that is used to eating. Of course, to buy it you need to subscribe to one of the Barkyn plans. Then, ¿what is Barkyn? It is a brand of personalized dog food that sells adapted dog food plans and veterinary assistance online. In this way, they prepare the food adapting it to the particular needs of each dog, so it is necessary to fill out a form with certain data. They have different plans, with varied prices, with the same purpose: to adapt to the needs of each dog. Once subscribed to one of their plans, it is possible to access the sale of toys, snacks and supplements such as salmon oil. If you dare to try the I think Barkyn, enter the code EXPERTOANIMAL to obtain a 50 % off on your first order.

¿Where to buy salmon oil for dogs?

In addition to buying salmon oil for dogs through the Barkyn website if you have subscribed, you have the option of purchasing this supplement in veterinary clinics and dog food stores..

Contraindications of salmon oil for dogs

To get the benefits indicated, you must use the correct dose, so follow the veterinarian's recommendations. If this is excessive, the dog could suffer adverse effects. The following have been reported:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Blood clotting problems due to the antiplatelet effect. The vet can periodically monitor platelet function, especially if the dog takes NSAIDs..
  • Fish smell on skin or breath.
  • It may affect healing.
  • Increased needs for vitamin E to counteract the so-called lipid peroxidation.
  • Presence of contaminants, such as heavy metals that can accumulate in salmon. Hence the importance of controlling the origin of the salmon oil that we use.
  • Increase in the concentrations of vitamins A and D in the body to the point of reaching toxicity levels.

If you detect any of the symptoms mentioned, do not hesitate to visit your veterinarian.

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