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Everything you can imagine. With this phrase we can define the current situation in terms of accessories for dogs. There is a wide variety of anything you need and for all types of dogs, whether they are puppies, adults or specimens with special needs.

Therefore, in this AnimalWised article we will talk about the most important dog accessories Classified by categories, so that you have different options on hand for each need and you are always right when choosing the most suitable for your dog.

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  1. Dog accessories for the car
  2. Dog accessories for rest
  3. Feeding Dog Accessories
  4. Accessories for dogs to go out
  5. Hygiene and health dog accessories
  6. Puppy Accessories
  7. Dog training accessories
  8. Accessories for sporty dogs
  9. Outdoor dog accessories
  10. Small Dog Accessories
  11. Senior dog accessories
  12. Accessories for blind or deaf dogs

Dog accessories for the car

It is likely that the first thing we have to do with our dog is a car trip to move it to its new home. Depending on our place of residence, there will be different regulations on the way in which you must travel in the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the corresponding authorities to ensure that we do not commit any illegality.

Thus, we can find ourselves with the obligation to wear it in different ways:

  • Belt and harness: one possibility is that we wear it attached with a belt and a harness, which can be purchased in different sizes in specialized stores.
  • Net: Another option is to get a net that prevents the dog from accessing the front seats.
  • Carrier: it is also possible that they travel inside a carrier. We will get more out of this accessory for dogs if we live with a puppy or a small dog.

Of course, if the dog is going to travel on the seat, it is advisable to cover it with a cover to protect upholstery of hairs, spots and even vomiting if the dog becomes dizzy, which can happen, especially, in the first trips.

For more information, see ¿How to travel with a dog by car?

Dog accessories for rest

When arriving home it is important that the dog has a resting place. The beds for dogs They are one of the canine accessories that have diversified the most in recent years, especially for smaller dogs. In fact, there are even sofas and special beds for your rest. To make a good choice, the first thing to do is take into account the measurements of the dog. They tend to sleep curled up, but the bed should cover their entire length in case they decide to stretch.

Dog Beds - Types And Which To Choose

As for dog beds, you should know that there are different types, What:

  • Pad.
  • Cushion.
  • Nest.

These are normally for small dogs. Their shapes are rectangular or round. As soon as to the material, there are of:

  • Memory foam.
  • Whole foam pieces.
  • cuts.

The covers, for their part, they can be, among others, of:

  • Cotton.
  • Raincoats.
  • Velvet.
  • Wool.
  • Leatherette.

There is so much variety that you are sure to find the color and design that matches your decoration. Keep in mind that if the dog can get on the couch or bed, it may be useful to have a sheath to protect them from hair and dirt. These are some tricks to make a good choice of bed:

  • Look for a base material that resists the weight of the dog without sinking, especially if you live with an older, large dog or with mobility problems.
  • Dogs do not need to cover up to withstand the cold, but they do need a good insulation underneath.
  • Make sure it has a cover that can be completely removed and machine washed. With two covers you will always have a clean bed. You can also put a blanket or sheet over it so that the bed does not get so dirty.
  • If your dog is one of those who gets muddy or suffers urine leakage, choose a waterproof fabric that does not penetrate the foam.
  • Lastly, don't look for a fancy bed for a puppy. It is likely that during its first months of life it will destroy it. Choose an inexpensive one or, directly, give him a box with your old clothes. As soon as it destroys it, you just have to put another one on it. Here we explain more about My dog ​​bites his bed - Causes and how to avoid it.

Feeding Dog Accessories

The feeders and drinkers They are a must on the list of accessories for dogs. They come in different sizes and materials, such as plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. You can also find them foldable for outside the home. Some are high, which is usually more ergonomic for the dog and particularly advantageous in certain health problems. In addition, there are doubles to put the water next to the food. Others are interactive and have reliefs where the food is trapped, which encourages the dog to move to get it and controls anxiety in the most gluttonous specimens. There is also placemats to place under feeders and drinkers and not dirty the floor. And if you like home cooking, you will even find cookie making machines for your dog. These tips will help you decide:

  • Avoid plastic, as it can cause allergic reactions and also deteriorates over time. Ceramic is also delicate because it can break.
  • Better drinker and feeder separately so that water does not fall on the food or vice versa.
  • Look at the size you will need for the amount of food the dog eats.
  • Adapt the shape to its characteristics. For example, if your ears are long and hanging, look for a narrow-mouth feeder that won't allow you to insert them..

And, if you prefer, you can choose to make a homemade feeder and drinker. In the following video, we explain how to make an elevated dog feeder. In addition, in this other article we explain what are the Benefits of high feeders for dogs.

Dog accessories for going out

The walk is the preferred time for many dogs, but you have to go outside well equipped. Again we find a great variety of accessories for dogs in this category. The most basic is the collar and leash, in different materials, designs, lengths, thicknesses, colors, extensible or fixed, etc. You can also opt for a harness, with important advantages, especially for dogs that pull. Also, if your dog is a greyhound it is advisable to use a wide collar specific to its anatomy..

Of course, you can't forget to always go out with bags to collect excrement and, depending on the legislation in your place of residence, it may be mandatory that you take out dog with muzzle. For this accessory there are also options, such as nylon or basket ones. And although the dog should carry a microchip, another interesting accessory is the identification plate. It can be customized, there are multiple designs, and if we engrave our phone number on it, it's an easy way for a lost dog to return home.

Finally, depending on the climate and the characteristics of your dog, you may need accessories to protect you from the cold and rain, such as coats or raincoats, or to avoid sunburn. Some specimens will need glasses and sunscreen for the skin. Follow these tips to make up your mind:

  • For harness, collar and leash, nylon is a good choice that allows easy washing and holding the leash without hurting yourself. Here we explain what are the different types of dog collars.
  • Extendable or chain leashes, unless your dog is very calm and walks by your side, they can break, get tangled, move the dog too far away or hurt your hands. Here we discover the Types of leashes for dogs.
  • For regular walks, a strap length of about 1 meter is fine.
  • Measure your dog's neck to choose the size of the collar and keep in mind that if it is a puppy it will grow.
  • The sun cream has to be specific for dogs, ours does not work. Consult with your vet.

Hygiene and health dog accessories

Another category of countless accessories for dogs is the one that corresponds to hygiene and health. In hygiene we include bathing, brushing or accessories for bitches in heat. In health we will review the basic first-aid kit to have at home. The main hygiene accessories include:

  • Specific shampoo for dogs: and any other product, such as softener or detangler, that is recommended to us in the dog groomer. The colony is optional and completely expendable for the dog.
  • Brush: brush, comb, mitt or rubber glove depending on the characteristics of the coat.
  • Towel and hairdryer, since it is essential that the hair is completely dry.
  • Nail clipper: Although the dog tends to wear down its nails when walking, those of the fifth toe can grow towards the flesh, since they do not touch the ground.
  • Hair clipper: if you dare to do it at home, you will need a razor, although make sure beforehand that it is the right thing for your dog's hair type.
  • Scrunchies: that is, rubber bands to hold the dog's hair and prevent it from covering its eyes.
  • Specific wipes for dogs: or dry shampoo. Both are useful items for emergencies or for cleaning small areas without having to put the dog in the bathtub.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: it is good to get them used to oral hygiene.
  • Panties for bitches: Finally, there are panties for bitches that prevent them from staining when they are in heat. There are several sizes, but don't forget that the current recommendation is castration..

Regarding health, in addition to always having the phone number of our trusted veterinarian and one for emergencies in case ours is not available, a basic medicine cabinet contains:

  • Physiological serum, very useful for washing wounds, eyes, etc..
  • Gauze of different sizes.
  • Bandage, at least one roll and one of elastic bandage.
  • Disinfectant, such as chlorhexidine.
  • Muzzle, as an injured dog can react aggressively.
  • Forceps for the extraction of foreign bodies.
  • Special tweezers to remove ticks.
  • Rectal Thermometer.
  • Gloves for hygienic handling.
  • Pair of scissors.

Puppy Accessories

All the accessories for dogs that we have mentioned so far also work for puppies. But, in addition, with these little ones it is convenient to take into account another group of accessories that, always important, for them is essential: they are the toys. There is a multitude and of all shapes, sizes, colors, with or without sound, to chase, bite, interact, hide rewards, etc..

The best thing is that, at first, we get a basic kit and then, depending on the dog's tastes, let's focus on her favorite toys. It is good to have a few and rotate, that is, we keep saving and taking them out so that they are relatively new and attractive. At least we should have:

  • Ball.
  • Teether.
  • Kong or similar where to hide rewards.
  • For the savvy, an intelligence or interactive game.

Finally, another accessory that we may need for puppies are the training soakers that are used to teach them to urinate at a certain point in the house when they are not yet able to hold on or cannot go outside because they have not completed the vaccination schedule.

Dog training accessories

There is a group of accessories for dogs that is used for their training, that is, so that they learn, at least, the basic obedience orders that all dogs should handle to achieve a satisfactory coexistence..

Education is not just for puppies. Dogs have the ability to learn at any age. Although our words of praise and petting serve to reward them for behaviors that we approve of and seek to repeat, rewards in the form of food are known to be a very strong motivator. That is why for sale you will find a great variety of cookies and snacks. To choose one, look for quality and keep in mind that these prizes cannot represent more than 10% of the total daily ration. Otherwise, we run the risk of the dog getting fat. There are bags for sale specially designed to carry the prizes with comfort.

As for the training itself, some professionals use the so-called clicker. It is an accessory that emits a "click " when pressed with the finger. The noise is made just when the dog does something well, so that it ends up associating the sound with a behavior well valued by us, which is why it will repeat. In addition, there are different materials, such as leashes or lures, that can be used, although it is much better to have a professional advise us. By the way, never use electric or spiked necklaces.

Accessories for sporty dogs

If your dog is one of those who adores run and exercise, You can choose to prepare it to participate in agility or canicross tests. For this sports field you will find a multitude of accessories, which also serve you to practice sports with your dog at home..

So, there is different types of straps that are worn around the waist to leave your hands free or all kinds of objects and structures to practice obedience and agility of the dog. For example, cones, catwalks, hoops, jump bars, etc. Any of them is ideal if you have land on which to place them.

If you dare, even if you don't compete, start from least to greatest difficulty and always taking into account the characteristics of the dog. In addition, to practice sports you will even find special footwear so that the legs do not suffer, as well as pad protectors.

Outdoor dog accessories

Living with a dog and enjoying a field where you can play with him and propose different activities, in addition to lying in the sun, is a great luck. But, even if you only have a balcony or terrace, it is possible to take advantage of them for dogs.

For example, a dog pool It is an essential accessory for those specimens that love water. They will greatly enjoy cooling off during the hottest months. Keep in mind that if your dog is going to stay outside, even for just a few hours, he must have some space to take refuge both from the heat and from the cold or from the rain.

For sale you will find a lot of dog kennels of all sizes and prices. In some cases a carrier can do the same service, but its size has to be large enough for the dog to stretch inside..

Small Dog Accessories

Small-sized dogs, just like any other, can enjoy the accessories we've mentioned above. But we can also find others that take advantage of its small size to give us an extra comfort. A clear example are the bags, shoulder bags, backpacks or even trolleys that allow us to go with our little companion everywhere quickly and comfortably. Entering shops or public transport can easily be done this way.

In addition, around the smaller breeds there is a sub-market of clothing, scrunchies and, in general, all kinds of accessories considered luxury and characterized by tulle, bows or pastel or gold colors. It is a fashion that, logically, the dog does not need.

Senior dog accessories

Older dogs have certain special needs. All the accessories mentioned so far are valid, but may need to be adapted. For example, you may have a harness and a seat belt for the car, but also need to get on a ramp.

In the same way, they may use any bed, better well fluffy for the rest of their joints, but if they lose urine it will be convenient cover it with a soaker or change to a waterproof cover.

In addition, other accessories can facilitate its mobility, such as rehabilitation harnesses, that allow us to hold them when their hind legs fail. On the other hand, if you want to give him any nutritional supplement, first consult with his veterinarian.

Accessories for blind or deaf dogs

The most developed and important sense for dogs is smell. That is why they can live without sight or hearing, although it is good that, if our dog is in this situation, we inform ourselves about the measures that will facilitate his life.

In the accessories section we find collars, harnesses and leashes in which it appears written the word "deaf " or "blind ". It seems silly, but it prevents people from approaching it in any way or having its characteristics taken into account if it ever gets lost. In addition, to avoid this type of problems, necklaces that have GPS so that we always have them located.

On the other hand, for blind dogs a harness that has an underwire passing in front of the dog. In this way it prevents it from colliding, since the obstacle will hit the hoop before the dog. Blind dogs play too, much better with toys that sound. You can find more information about it in this other AnimalWised article on Caring for blind dogs..

As for deaf dogs, there are also necklaces for them. They give off a vibration that we activate remotely when we want to call them. It is true that it requires prior training so that the dog knows that the vibration it feels means that it must pay attention to us, but they learn quickly and the benefits are considerable. These types of specific accessories are also suitable for older dogs that have lost hearing and sight with age..

For more information, see ¿How to care for a deaf dog?

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