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The hamster is a nocturnal pet that, in general, we can keep in any home in a simple way. But this does not imply that you do not need a minimum to guarantee your well-being. In this AnimalWised article we will talk about what the must-have hamster accessories that we must have at home if we want to receive one of these small rodents. As we will see, a sufficient and safe space, shelter and toys that allow you to exercise are the basics..

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  1. Hamster housing
  2. Hamster feeding accessories
  3. Hamster hygiene accessories
  4. Hamster Toys
  5. Hamster transport
  6. Homemade hamster accessories

Hamster housing

The first hamster accessory that we have to make is a cage. The recommendation is to choose the largest possible according to the space available. Hamsters like to have different compartments to eat or rest, hence, on a larger surface they feel more comfortable and, in addition, they can perform all the physical activity they need for their well-being..

In any case, the cage should never measure less than 40-50 cm length for that same width measurement. Also watch the separation between the bars so that the hamster cannot be hurt. Plastic cages are available for sale, complete with different tubular modules that increase the available space and provide hiding places and mobility. At least it is recommended that the cage has several heights.

On the other hand, on the floor of the cage we must have a bed or substrate. It can be made of cellulose, shavings or vegetable fiber and it is necessary to spread a layer several centimeters thick. Choose specific products for hamsters to make sure they are not toxic or raise dust that could be harmful to their health. In this bed it will do its needs, so it will have to be cleaned and replaced periodically.

Finally, a basic of the cage is the house-shelter that the hamster will use to rest, protect from light or hide from danger. There are a lot of models for sale both to fix on the cage floor and to hang. They are made of different materials such as wood, cloth or hay. Make sure they are not toxic, as the hamster will gnaw on them. If they are made of cloth, they must be able to be washed. In this other article we talk in depth about this hamster accessory: "Hamster houses ".

Hamster feeding accessories

We may think that the hamster does not need a feeding trough and it is worth leaving the food in the cage, but the truth is that using a plate is highly recommended and, of course, a trough is an essential accessory for hamsters.

Regarding the feeder, Although it is not uncommon for the hamster to take its food and take it away and hide it, it is good to have it concentrated in one point so that it knows where to find it. There are feeders of different materials. It is advisable to opt for the ceramics, easy to clean, durable and heavy enough not to tip over. Some feeders include fasteners to secure them to the cage.

With respect to trough, a plate is not the best idea. The hamster has to have 24 hour access to clean water and in a dish it is very easy for it to get dirty and spill, also spoiling the bed. For this reason, those known as inverted baby bottles or bottles. They are attached to the bars of the cage at a comfortable height for hamster access and end in a stainless steel nozzle through which the water comes out drop by drop when the hamster sucks it. The bottle is usually made of transparent plastic, so that we always control the content and can easily disassemble it for cleaning and refilling..

Know all the care that a hamster needs in this complete guide.

Hamster hygiene accessories

Hamsters are very clean animals that spend time grooming their fur. They do not need or it is recommended that we bathe them, but it is good that, among the hamster accessories, we include a bathtub in which to put sand. Hamsters enjoy bathing in sand.

As a bathtub we can find different containers that are usually made of plastic. You have to pay attention to the height of the edges so that all the sand does not come out as soon as the hamster enters. About 5-6 cm is a good measurement. On the other hand, the sand has to be hamster specific. It is not worth cats or beaches, as it could contain toxic substances or raise too much dust.

Hamster toys

The most abundant group of hamster accessories is toys. In the market there are a lot of options. As rodents that they are, hamsters will destroy many of the toys that we offer them, so it is important to have a reserve and to renew them periodically. This way, you will always be entertained. We will mention the basic toys to have in the welcome kit.

Thus, an essential that cannot be missing in any cage is the famous wheel. A diameter of about 15-20 cm is recommended and it is better that they are whole, that is, without bars in which the hamster can be hurt. On the other hand, if it comes out of its cage, we can add to the accessories the so-called ride balls. The hamster is protected inside and can explore its environment without exposing itself to any danger.

Since it is a rodent, gnaw toys They are other essentials in the hamster's trousseau. There are plenty to choose from. Make sure they are safe and completely edible. Bridges, hanging or not, tunnels, swings or seesaws are toys and, at the same time, structural elements that add possibilities to the cage. You will find them in different materials and sizes.

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Hamster transport

Lastly, it is not a must-have hamster accessory, but it is a good idea to have a carrier special for these little rodents. In addition to obvious transports, such as those that we can carry out to the vet, it serves to keep the hamster in a safe place if, for example, we are cleaning its cage. It is true that we can use any box of the appropriate dimensions, but we must not forget that cardboard, wood or fabric are nibbled by the hamster, offering much less security than plastic carriers.

Homemade hamster accessories

Not all accessories for our hamster have to be bought. At home we can also provide you with some accessories. Of course, we insist on the importance of always choosing non-toxic materials. It is also important to look at the size so that it is suitable for the hamster. Lastly, it should be easy to clean. These three basics, namely material, size, and cleanliness, should also be considered before purchasing any of the hamster accessories we've mentioned..

Let's look at some examples of home accessories:

  • Cage: as a cage we can use an aquarium of sufficient dimensions. We must include the accessories that we have talked about and close it well above with a mesh that is fine enough so that the hamster does not escape.
  • Toys: at home you have a lot of possibilities. The star is the cardboard rolls of toilet or kitchen paper. You can ride with various tunnels as sophisticated as your imagination. Make sure that if you introduce one into the other they do not deform so that the hamster can move comfortably through them. You can also hang them.
  • Shelter-houses- Any box can make an excellent hiding place. An example is those of tissue paper. You can glue more than one to get different heights. If you pierce them, make sure the edges are smooth so the hamster doesn't hurt himself. It is even easier to offer as a house the empty shell of a coconut.
  • Stairs: With wooden sticks, like the ones in ice lollies, you can build stairs and ramps just by gluing them with a non-toxic glue. Depending on their length, you can hang them from side to side in the cage. Make sure the wood is not treated or painted. With a piece of wood and some ropes you get a swing.

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