8 foods a dog should never eat

Dogs like to eat as much as we do. They enjoy food and have an exquisite palate, as they do not like anything. Sometimes, we offer certain foods to our pet thinking that these are not going to be harmful or cause problems..

However, there are certain foods that your dog should not eat for the sake of his health since, contrary to what we may think, they can cause not only indigestion but more serious problems.
That is why we have prepared this recommendation list with 8 foods and foods your dog should never eat.

Of course, if you have any questions it is best to go to the vet, he is the one who can best advise us on the feeding of our pet. And in the case of observing strange behaviors, both in their behavior and in their physical condition, you have to go quickly to a veterinary clinic.


Article index

  • 1. Avocado
  • 2. Dairy
  • 3. Grapes or raisins
  • 4. Xylitol or birch sugar
  • 5. Chocolate
  • 6. Onion and garlic
  • 7. Raw meat, fish and eggs
  • 8. Very high-fat foods

1. Avocado

Avocado is not recommended for dogs as it contains a substance called persin, a component that can be lethal to them..

2. Dairy

Milk and other dairy products such as cheese or yogurt make digestion difficult for dogs, since their stomach is not prepared to digest lactose correctly, causing diarrhea or allergies..

3. Grapes or raisins

Grapes are high in glucose, which can cause kidney problems and vomiting, even if a minimal amount is consumed..

4. Xylitol or birch sugar

Xylitol is used as a sweetener for chewing gum, light foods, and other sweet products. It can cause liver failure and low blood sugar. In addition, vomiting, lack of coordination and even seizures.


5. Chocolate

We already know that sweets do not feel good to our dogs for that reason, chocolate was not going to be less. In addition to containing sugar and milk, it also has a molecule that can cause digestive problems and even heart problems.

6. Onion and garlic

Although for us they are harmless, for dogs they are quite dangerous if a large amount is ingested since they can destroy their red blood cells and cause anemia.

7. Raw meat, fish and eggs

If they are raw, they can contain bacteria and parasites that are harmful to dogs. It can cause problems of discomfort, fever and vomiting.

8. Very high-fat foods

You have to be careful in the way you prepare certain foods such as meats, since if their fat and seasoning content is high, it can be harmful to them. You also have to pay attention that they do not have bones that can cause suffocation..

Source: The Bioguide

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  1. Luz María Gómez says

    08/26/2019 at 4:40 am

    Thank you very much for the article, I learned things that I did not know that puppies cannot eat.


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