6 Benefits of having a cat at home

Many of us know and have checked the benefits of having a cat at home. In most cases it is beneficial for us have a pet and above all a cat for our well-being. Today we inform you of the advantages that kittens can bring to your life.

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  • 1. They encourage positive thoughts
  • 2. Sanitary stimulation of purr
  • 3. Improved blood pressure
  • 4. No stress
  • 5. Excellent allies with autistic people
  • 6. Better emotional well-being

1. They promote positive thoughts

In a survey conducted in 2015, 7,000 participants showed an increase in positive emotions, these participants were being viewers of videos or photographs of cats, so having a cat at home can help us stay positive mentally.

2. Sanitary stimulation of purr

It is known that after an analysis of domestic cats the purr is found at frequencies between 20 Hz and 140 Hz. Apparently the healing of our tissue is stimulated with sound frequencies, especially in injuries involving the tendon and muscles. Not just any frequency stimulates these tissues in their healing, but those generated by the purr of cats.

3. Improved blood pressure

It has been shown that living with pets helps lower blood pressure and therefore the mortality rate is decreased. So having a cat can save your life, it may seem exaggerated, but it is best not to risk it.

4. No stress

The level of cortisone (a hormone linked to stress) is lowered by being in contact with cats. Physical contact with cats deeply relaxes our brain, so they are a good natural alternative against stress.

5. Excellent allies with autistic people

Closer encounters with pets such as cats increase the amount of the hormone oxytocin. A study has found that children with autism reveal that they have reduced autism in their blood. Among autistic people, high rates of oxytocin mean reduction of repeated behavior. The research further revealed that autistic children with pets were calmer and correlated more quickly..

6. Better emotional well-being

A 2011 survey found that 87 percent of a group of people thought they had a cat at home generates a feeling of well-being and 75 percent felt their days were better thanks to the company of a cat.

Summary Article Name 6 Benefits of having a cat at home Description In most cases it is beneficial for us to have a pet and especially a cat for our well-being, find out in this article. Author Natalia

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