5 cat behavior problems that we must solve

There are some problems of cat behavior that seem to be common to most cats.

Here is a list of some of these behaviors and what you can do to correct them.

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  • Not using the litter box
  • Whistling at people
  • Urinate on walls or doors
  • Scratching furniture and rugs
  • Kittens or cats chewing on electrical wires

Not using the litter box

Unfortunately this "misbehavior" it is the most used excuse to bring cats to shelters. I believe that it is up to the owners to train their cat to use the litter box and if there is a problem they need to find out what is causing it.

The cats they will continue to use an area where they can smell their own urine. A friend cat breeder He told me that the first time the kitten uses the floor to urinate, take some tissues to clean it and take the tissues and the kitten to the litter box.

Kitty will associate the smell with the litter box. Do the same with adult cats. However, if an adult cat continually eliminates inappropriately, you should check for a possible underlying medical or emotional problem..

Whistling at people

Cats and kittens whistle when afraid or defend their territory from another cat. They will also whistle when they've had enough petting as a way of telling us to stop..

If a cat has been teased or mistreated, may whistle at strangers as they feel threatened by them.

The hiss is generally a warning to "back off, I'm angry.". Even if the cat is scared, it will try to escape the situation by trying to appear aggressive. As responsible owners of cats, be aware of your cat's body language to find out what the hiss means.

And if you have children, I strongly suggest that you teach them how to understand what the cat does when it whistles at them and, more importantly, what they need to do when faced with a hissing cat..

Urinate on walls or doors

If your cat is urinating on vertical surfaces, you are marking his territory. This will happen more in multi-cat households.

To get rid of this horrible, smelly behavior, have your cat neutered or spayed. Cats are also sprayed to attract a cat of the opposite sex for mating..

Eliminating the need to mate will greatly reduce the need to spray urine on your kitchen door or living room furniture when you have guests!!

Scratching furniture and rugs

To the cats they love to stretch and sharpen their claws. Unfortunately, many of them make it into our furniture, rugs, or curtains. Your cat needs a scratching post and you need to train it to use it.

It's easier if you can start this training while your cat is still a kitten. However, you can still train an adult cat, it will just take a little longer.. I suggest buying some sturdy cat furniture with shelves at different heights.

If possible, buy something modular that you can add over time. Make sure the base and trunk are covered by something sturdy like sisal.

Every time your cat starts scratching the furniture, must say 'no' to him in a firm voice, pick him up and carry him to the scratching post, and physically place his claws on the post if necessary.

Kittens or cats chewing on electrical wires

This seems to be a popular kitty hobby. They are extremely curious about their new surroundings and as they get older they venture further into new areas.

The electrical cords seem to be just the right size for kitties to sharpen those baby teeth. To save her little cat from an unpleasant shock and damage to your electrical equipment, you must protect it by wrapping it in a package with packing tape or similar.

You can also try putting them behind the team, but the kittens in particular they are very good at squeezing in small spaces.

You could put some sticky side up or some foil in front of the wires, as kittens and cats don't like to walk on them or even sprinkle some pepper on the floor to discourage them from venturing out. too close.

This is not an exhaustive list of how to handle common cat behavior problems., there are many more that will apply to your cat. Never punish your cat for these behaviors.

All you will do is teach your cat to fear you.. By using patience and rewards, you will soon find that misbehavior problems disappear..

Then there are those other cat behavior problems that we love, the cat rubbing against our leg or snuggling on a lap or in our beds at night. Those are the common behaviors of cats that we enjoy having.

Summary Article Name 5 cat behavior problems to solve Description There are some cat behavior problems that seem to be common to most cats. Discover the tips in this article. Author Natalia

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