5 healthy options to replace your daily consumption of refined sugar

It is almost inevitable to consume sugar. The vast majority of products contain a proportion of sugar that without perceiving it is there. Some products have more than others, and some of those that we least imagine also have considerable amounts of sugar. Only with the sugar that the products incorporate in themselves would we be served.

However, there are many times that it is inevitable to sweeten certain things more, such as coffee or tea for example. We know that of all the ways to sweeten a flavor using refined white sugar is the worst of all. This does not mean that this makes us go from consuming sugar to eliminating it from our diet, but there are much healthier and just as tasty substitutes.

In addition, they provide nutrients; Y consuming them in moderation they allow us to enjoy healthier but equally rich sweets. Here are five good options to replace our consumption of white sugar.

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  • Whole cane sugar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Stevia or stevia
  • Honey
  • Agave syrup

Whole cane sugar

Unlike refined white sugar, it provides vitamin A, B vitamins, minerals and soluble fibers that facilitate digestion. But you have to make sure that it is whole sugar made from sugar cane, and never confuse it with brown sugar.

Coconut sugar

It is obtained from the juice of the flowers of the coconut palm and is a staple in Asian cuisine. It provides minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium, and vitamin C. It has a slightly caramel flavor and its glycemic index is 35, almost half that of cane sugar.

Stevia or stevia

It has been used for centuries by the Guarani Indians in South America and has many advantages, its glycemic index is zero. The problem is that it costs a lot to obtain it in a pure form.


Honey is always a good option, it is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other essential nutrients. But you have to make sure that it is pure, only filtered, because processed honey no longer has the same properties..

Agave syrup

This is a syrup obtained from a cactus called blue agave, the same from which Mexican tequila is obtained, although it all depends on how it is processed, of course. Its glycemic index is very low compared to that of sugar and is used in some products for diabetics.

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