5 Most Common Mistakes in Caring for Cats

Cats are animals that do not need excessive care, Above all, they are quite independent, and they like to carry out most of their activities in solitude, however domestic kittens can vary this behavior by being more social and needing more care.. 

If you have a cat, You should already know what you should do to us when taking care of your kitten, however if you want to adopt a new member for the family, then you should know some mistakes that first time owners normally make. 

Don't know how to take care of a cat?, at this moment we are going to present you the 5 most common mistakes that a first-time owner usually commits, also if you already have a cat you may be committing some mistakes in your care and until today you had not realized. 

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  • 5 Mistakes in Caring for Your Cat
    • 1. A Cat is not a Dog
    • 2. Neglecting Your Education
    • 3. About Feeding It
    • 4. Sterilization
    • 5. Do not vaccinate or deworm your cat
  • What can I do to take better care of my cat?
    • Check your teeth!
    • Brush your cat!

5 Mistakes in Caring for Your Cat

As we had mentioned before, the cats they are quite independent animals, But anyway they need some care so that they can enjoy very good health and are always happy, on the contrary, poor care can cause problems in their body and even cause your cat hates you

So let's review some mistakes you may be making with your feline, or you just want to prepare for the arrival of the new member of the house. 

1. A Cat is not a Dog

Many people think that cats and dogs can take the same care, and this is simply a serious mistake, since their organisms as behaviors are totally different. 

Cats are animals that need to have their space, and have the house equipped so that they feel comfortable, for example, dogs usually sleep anywhere, however cats need a designated place to rest and sleep peacefully. 

As well. They need to have designated areas for each activity, especially one to do their needs, eat, play, to rest or a good hiding place for moments of fear and nervousness. 

If you are looking for a mascot who wants to play and be caressed all the time, then the cat It is not the best choice, since they are what will seek your attention when they need it, so choose your pet well so as not to be disappointed. 

2. Neglecting Your Education

Just because cats Be independent, it does not mean that we have to neglect ourselves, if you do not show your cat that you care or when he requires your attention, do not give it to him, then he will start to reject you or just ignorant

Therefore, The education and youTrying to teach him a trick will strengthen the bonds between you and your pet., Even if he does not learn any tricks or sometimes he is not interested, he will perceive that you are trying to relate to him and he will feel your presence as something positive. 

3. About Feeding It

How much do we love to see a chubby cat?, However, being overweight is not something that benefits your cat, above all it can cause many diseases related to heart and motor problems. 

If your cat eats a lot, then you have to go to the veterinarian to know the origin of this behavior, also always advise an expert to assess a balanced diet. 

If you have a shorthair cat, you will know that they have very short and plump legs, therefore being overweight affects them a lot when walking. 

If you want to know more about this breed of cats and its care we recommend you go through our article on "Know everything about Shorthair cats ". 

4. Sterilization

Another of the most common mistakes, is to think that your cat does not need to be sterilized, especially if you do not have access to the outside or do not live with others cats, since you will not have to worry about future litters from your kitten

However, sterilization is highly recommended by veterinarians Y feline experts, especially if it is domestic cats, since sterilization reduces the risks of cancer and tumors in the reproductive organs. 

Did you know that life expectancy is lower in unsterilized cats??, and this is because the biggest problems when you cat becomes adult are related to their reproductive organs, being very important the sterilization of your cat or cat. 

5. Do not vaccinate or deworm your cat

If you have a cat or you wait for the arrival of one, then you should know how important the vaccines Y deworming in kittens, since they are in charge of preventing and caring for the cat of the major diseases and viruses that can put your life at risk. 

In the puppy cats, These will be carried out by the veterinarian, due to problems such as Feline distemper or the famous ticks. 

What can I do to take better care of my cat?

Your priority is to find out what they are proper care for your pet, above all to know what things hurt them, and on the other hand what things make them happy and healthy.

There are also details, which we don't usually notice or for some reason we don't pay attention to, so let's talk about cleaning their teeth and fur..

Check your teeth!

Sometimes we forget about your precious teeth, cats often lose some teeth, as they grow, and this is due to many factors, such as diet.

Remember that you should brush your feline's teeth at least once a week, especially using a special brush and exclusive toothpaste for felines.Also, if you don't have one of these toothpaste, you can prepare yours at home with sodium bicarbonate and water.

Brush your cat!

Accumulation of dead hair on the cat, They can produce hairballs that can be very annoying for the kitten. This occurs due to the constant licking that cats have towards their fur.

You should brush every 2 days, so that not so much hair accumulates, so your kitten will not have problems with hairballs and your house will be a little cleaner.

Also, we remind you to visit our other articles, such as "The Best Tips for Caring for a Puppy Cat "Or "How to take care of a sterilized cat? ”In addition to other publications, which we are sure will help you in the care of your kitten. Until next time!

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