400 dogs and cats are saved in China from being slaughtered

Fate has wanted more than 400 animals that were to be slaughtered in China to be saved. They were all crammed into small rusty cages in the back of a truck heading to Guangzhou city, Guangdong province..

Some neighbors saw a truck full of dogs, about 100, and cats, about 300. All caged and covered by black canvas. The animals were believed to have been stolen and would be served as food in restaurants.

Fortunately, the rescue operation occurred on the night of May 26, a month before the "dog meat festival " in Yulin, China..

One of the people who participated in the rescue tells that together they forced the truck to stop and asked the driver to release the animals. The negotiation lasted about 4 hours and they called the police too.

HSI, the Humane International Society, stated that this rescue It has been a great luck and a triumph against the city's cat and dog meat merchants..

HSI affirms, which has already seen hundreds of dogs rescued throughout the country by workers of the organization. “Usually our activists they find terrified and exhausted dogs aboard these trucks, including some that still have their pet collars, clearly because someone has stolen them., explains Wendy Higgins, HSI Director of International Media.

In Asia, dog meat consumption occurs in Korea, Vietnam and China.

Guangzhou, where the rescue operation occurred week celebrates the summer solstice, where up to 10,000 dogs, many of them stolen, they are sacrificed.

Source: Pet Notes

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