3 Christmas trees that you can easily make yourself

Christmas is a makeover in all streets, squares, shopping centers and, of course,, in our own home. There are decorations of all kinds, and depending on our taste we will choose one decoration or another. However, in the face of so much variety, there is always an element that can never be missing: the Christmas tree.

The tree is par excellence the symbol of Christmas, where some gifts fall on magical nights. And, although it is a fundamental element, we can also find them of many types and sizes, so we have to think which one goes better with our house?

For all those people who do not have enough space at home to put a tree or are looking for something original and alternative, today we bring you the video you need.

The YouTube channel Hacking Life, which always surprises us with many tricks, has been Christmas to teach us three Christmas trees that we can make without a tree. These are silhouettes that we can make on any wall in our house with pins or tape, so the wall is not damaged.

Hacking Life gives us three alternatives: a tree made with lights, another with rope and another with tape.. I still don't know which one I like the most of all, do you?

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