3 things you should know before buying a cat

The cats They are usually tender and affectionate animals, which are an important part of our lives, that is why we must be extremely careful when choosing one, in this way we will avoid uncomfortable surprises in the future.

Before purchasing a new kitten or cat, one of the things to ask yourself is:

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  • What breed of cat to acquire?
  • Should I get a kitten or an adult cat?
  • Where to get a cat?

What breed of cat to acquire?

All the kittens are pretty and most people fall in love with a cat or kitten because of their looks (the cuddle factor).

Some people prefer a pedigree cat due to certain characteristics of the race, while others prefer a mixed breed cat. If you want a pedigree cat, you should carefully consider the characteristics of the race of that race. For example:

  • How playful or active is the breed, how big will the cat be?
  • Are you looking for a cat that gets along well with young children or older people?
  •  Do you need a cat that gets along with your dog?
  • Do you want a cat that is calm and sleeps with you at night?

These are just some of the things to keep in mind before bringing a cat home.

Should I get a kitten or an adult cat?

Many people, when considering whether or not they have a cat, will only consider get a kitten. Here are some reasons why an adult cat may be desirable:

  • An adult cat has already developed his personality so that he knows exactly what he is receiving;
  • An adult cat is already litter box trained;
  • An adult cat should only need annual exams and vaccinations (rather than a series of vaccinations that a kitten will require in the first 6 months);
  • An adult cat has already passed through its "adolescent" phase;
  • An adult cat can "bond" just as well as a kitten with a new owner..

Where to get a cat?

Animal shelters: Obtain a cat or kitten from an animal shelter can prevent you from dying. In general, you should look for a cat that looks clean, healthy, with a shiny coat and light eyes..

Ask to visit the kitten or cat in a private area to see how it interacts with you. If he kitten or cat seems lethargic, it may be better to look at someone else as he or she may be sick.

Ask the actual cat or kitten caretakers for any information they may have about him. I asked why the cat was delivered to the shelter.

Be aware that many people do not always tell the shelter staff the truth when they deliver their mascot. So sometimes the shelter may not be aware that this cat or kitten may have undesirable behavioral traits (i.e. not using their litter box) or has some type of major health issue that may shortly require a veterinary bill. very high.

Many shelters will already have the cat or kitten spayed or neutered before it goes to a new home. Otherwise, they will generally require you to do so within a certain period of time. Don't overlook the cats Adults.

Pet stores: A responsible breeder would not allow his kittens to be sold in a pet store. pets or other point of sale where they could not personally interview the buyer to make sure they are aware of the responsibility of caring for an animal.

Most responsible breeders belong to breeding clubs and sign a breeder code of ethics that prohibits them from selling in retail stores (pet stores).

Some stores have cats for adoption through a local animal shelter, but they are not actively involved in reselling cats and dogs.

If you obtain a shelter pet through this type of process adoption, make sure the procedures for adoption comply with the normal process of adopting that shelter.

Private sources: Sometimes if an owner can no longer keep their adult cat, they can place an ad through a local newspaper, a grocery store bulletin board, or the vet's office.

As long as you can get to know the person, watch the cat in his home environment and make sure he is healthy, there is no reason not to have a cat this way.

If it is a little cat, make sure he's at least 12 weeks old, properly litter box trained, has received age-appropriate vaccinations, and looks healthy.

Getting a cat is a lifelong commitment, not only of the owner's time, but also of their money to keep them on food, toys, and proper health..

If the current cost of keeping a cat beyond the initial cost (i.e. vet, vaccinations, spay / neuter cost, unforeseen health problems / costs, and more), then perhaps not the time to have a pet.

Summary Article Name 3 things you should know before buying a cat Description Cats are usually tender and affectionate, they are an important part of our lives, that is why we must be extremely careful when choosing one. Author Natalia

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