27 photos that prove owls are the most beautiful birds in the Animal Kingdom

The owl is one of the most beautiful birds, if not the most, that exist on our planet. A sacred creature for many cultures, guardian of the afterlife, ruler of the night and guardian of souls; always symbol of absolute wisdom.

Discover everything there is to know about these ancient and beautiful birds:

This elusive and rarely seen bird is an excellent predator that many other types of birds fear. In fact, many times, false owls are placed on the roofs of houses to scare away pigeons and other birds..

It is known that the owl is the symbol of wisdom as well as being a night bird that emits a very characteristic sound.

There are two main categories of owls: typical owls and barn owls. The sizes are very diverse, depending on the species in question. The smallest are only about 100 cm, while the largest can reach up to 700 cm.

Their colors are also very varied, depending on the environment in which they live. These colors serve as a perfect camouflage to go unnoticed by possible predators.

They are solitary birds, although they can form pairs or small groups in some areas, but it is quite rare.

They are very meticulous about their personal cleanliness, because when they wake up, they spend their first hours preening and stretching. They use their claws to clean their plumage and their beaks to clean their claws. It will never leave its resting place until the evening grooming is finished, unless it is scared off by some predator.

They are patient when it comes to hunting, stalking their prey until the right time to pounce and capture them. With their powerful claws they are able to catch their prey and follow their flight as if nothing had happened..

The food is swallowed whole through its beak. For this reason, they vomit the bones, skins and other debris that their stomach is not able to digest as it should, about 10 hours after having eaten..

Unfortunately, although in many cultures it is considered a sacred animal, the population of this beautiful animal is decreasing because its natural habitat continues to be taken away by humans. That is why many of these species are in danger of extinction..

Although a lot is known about owls, there are still things that have not been discovered. This great information about them is due, in part, thanks to the protection that they are given, which serves us for their investigation and data collection..

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