25 hours collecting 15,000 dominoes ... and see what the result

It took 15,000 dominoes and 25 hours of work spread over eight days. Quite a challenge this young woman faced to create a triple spiral with dominoes. Havesh5, as this genius calls herself, explains that this is the biggest project she has ever participated in.

And it's not hard to believe because just by looking at it we can already imagine all the work behind it. Different colors and a multitude of chips previously separated and cataloged to create an impressive triple spiral.

The chips move like wildfire, creating an effect that leaves you mesmerized. Seeing the tiles fall one after another in order has always given an impressive peace and satisfaction.

The result is a joy for extremely meticulous people.. Just seeing it already produces pleasure, so imagine being the creator of such a circuit.

Things like that should be put on the resume, because spending eight days working on this indicates a level of patience and dedication that every boss would like for their employees.

Get ready to see a show of sound and colors, you will want to press play more than once, for sure!

Source: Hevesh

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